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  • R Lisette Zumba Boyd
    3 days ago

    I think RL is making a return, I'm just concerned that she has not received the same transformation Renata and Lisette have experienced. She is going to have to stay in check some what because in this Project Management world she is needed. #ohboyweareintrouble #forthosewhoknowherpray

  • Michelle Symonds posted a new discussion

    1 week ago

    The Problem with Global Projects

    Global projects may involve people from the same international organisation based in different locations or may involve outsourced teams in India or...

    General Discussion
  • Paul Naybour
    2 weeks ago

    A good result for one of our APMP distance learning candidates, they passed the APMP with a 90% score. well done.

    Patrick Got my results back too, passed! Thanks for putting together a very interesting and informative course guys
    2 weeks ago
  • Lucy Stride uploaded a new avatar.
  • Lucy Stride uploaded a new avatar.
  • Michelle Symonds replied to 101 Characteristics of a Project Manager
    2 weeks ago

    These characteristics come from various other pieces of research compiled by B & N in 2011 but dating back to 1976 - around the time of Abigail's...

  • Gordon MacKay replied to 101 Characteristics of a Project Manager
    2 weeks ago

    Hi Michelle '(5) Aggressiveness' I once read a novel called 'Shibumi' which is a Japanese word meaning 'authority without domination'. I like that....

  • May uploaded a new avatar.
  • Lucy Stride APMP Study Group
    2 weeks ago


    In my email there was a link to a document to a 'set of user instructions for the e-Learning including a study plan to complete before the course' however the link won't work can you tell me how I can access these documents?


    Lucy Stride Wonderful. Thank you Paul!
    2 weeks ago
  • Michelle Symonds posted a new discussion

    2 weeks ago

    101 Characteristics of a Project Manager

    A 2011 paper by Bakhsheshi & Nejad "Impact of Project Managers’ Personalities on Project Success in Four Types of Project" compiled a list of the...

    General Discussion
  • Paul Naybour
    3 weeks ago

    Made a new video on how to use the parallel website for e-learning…

    Tristan Whittaker Very useful video.
    3 weeks ago
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  • Anthony
    3 weeks ago

    "Once you have completed your study try the exam questions in the study group." How do I access these? I can't seem to find them in the study group.

    Paul Naybour Anthony

    The questions come from three places

    1) The study guide has questions at the end of each section.
    2) The APM have published a sample exam paper, you can get this from the APM website or our e-learning course. This is quite useful as these questions come up quite often in the real exams.
    3) The third source is to look at the assessment criteria in the syllabus and convert them into exam questions. I think we discuss this in the first podcast. So for example

    1.1 differentiate between types of organisation structures highlighting advantages and disadvantages of each (including functional, matrix, project)


    Describe five advantages or disadvantages of a matrix organisation.

    So if you can answer questions of this form against all the syllabus then you should pass the exam.
    2 weeks ago
  • Michelle Symonds replied to Project Managers Stop These Irritating Behaviours
    3 weeks ago

    Thanks Gordon for pointing me in the direction of the Johari Window article. (Your link btw wasn't working so I have corrected that). Frightening to...

  • Paul Naybour is friends with Gordon MacKay
  • Gordon MacKay replied to Project Managers Stop These Irritating Behaviours
    3 weeks ago

    "It can be all too easy to irritate team members without even realising you're doing it.": Reading this brought to my mind the 'Johari Window'* - a...

  • Gordon MacKay
    3 weeks ago

    I also wondered, re your Archive Podcast on 'Governance' and the acronym; 'SADBET': this is not mentioned in my (very useful, lucid, and helpful!!) copy of the new APMP Study Guide. Again, would 'deployment' of SADBET in an APMP be deemed valid please?

    Paul Naybour Gordon SADBET is still relevant, but recent exam questions are looking for portfolio direction, sponsorship etc. as model answers.
    3 weeks ago 1

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