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Michelle Symonds posted a new discussionyesterday

How to prepare your team for a project

Once you have put in the project groundwork, i.e. you have chosen your team and chosen the most suitable methods and approaches, the next step is to...

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Propose how the effective use of project management software can help an organisation manage its projects throughout each stage of the project life... Show more

Explain five distinct aspects which the Project Manager should consider when preparing a project communications plan

Michelle Symonds posted a new discussion1 month ago

A guide to agile project management

There are many project management training courses today, which teach an array of different project management techniques. One of the fastest...

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Jon thanks for posting your answer. In general you are going the right way but your answer lacked the detail necessary to demonstrate understanding...

Paul Naybour shared a video in APMP Study Group group. 1 month ago

In the APMP what is the difference between...

This briefly describes the diffecence between project management governance and a project management method

Jon Davies posted a new discussion1 month ago

Q2 Describe how the following can be used to communicate a...

Describe how the following can be used to communicate a schedule to different stakeholders: a)WBS A WBS illustrates all of the work and their...

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Paul Naybour posted a new discussion1 month ago

Question 10A: Explain the prerequisites required for each...

The pre-requisites to estimating techniques are The pre-requisites for comparative estimating are a set of data from similar projects to act as a...

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