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Kevin Basson posted a new discussionyesterday

It's been a while since my last exam

Was just wondering if anybody has advice on how to get back into doing exams? It's been more years than I care to admit to since doing my last...

APMP Study Group

The website doesn't seem to like my PDF scan, so trying via link to file on my Google Diver:...

Richard Buckland posted a new discussion3 days ago

Mock Exam Sample Paper 2 - for review

Hi Paul, I have completed Mock Sample Exam Paper 2 under exam conditions. A really useful exercise for me. Any feedback welcome. I know my...

APMP Study Group
Ian Rixon posted a new discussion4 days ago

FEEDBACK Please Features of a programme

My features of a Programme (1) Programmes involve the control and management of a number of projects that have a collective aim and have...

APMP Study Group
Linda Cowen posted a new discussion5 days ago

Please give feedback

Question 3: List and describe five approaches that a project manager could use to address conflict within a project team 5 approaches to addressing...

APMP Study Group
Linda Cowen posted a new discussion5 days ago

Please give feedback.

Question 5 (a) Within resource scheduling, explain each of the following terms: • Resource smoothing • Resource levelling (b) Explain three...

APMP Study Group
Ian Rixon posted a new discussion5 days ago

FEEDBACK Please, Programme Benefits

PROGRAMME BENEFITS (1) Having programme management gives us control over the included projects which may not consider the benefits or risks that can...

APMP Study Group
Catherine Harris posted a new discussion6 days ago

List and Describe five key components of a Project...

Comments Please - this took longer than the 10min and while typing up I've added some more, so would have been a lot longer in the exam. People and...

APMP Study Group
Michelle Symonds posted a new discussion7 days ago

Have you considered a project management apprenticeship?

Project management is a well-established but still growing profession, that has become increasingly important to companies and organisation in all...

General Discussion
Ian Rixon posted a new discussion1 week ago

(Help) Portfolio and Programme management

Hi please forgive my first post as I am early in my study of the course. I was just confused with the description of Portfolio management especially...

APMP Study Group

Redwan Atwiri your answer lacked the necessary detail to get the marks. I have added some additional content in italics, which would help.

Hi you would not get a question like this in the APM PMQ exam, they always have five components worth 10 marks each.

Catherine Harris has a new avatar. 2 weeks ago

Hello. I am located in Oxfordshire, England and am looking for a personal tutor to pass the APMP exam. I have revived teaching and have attempted... Show more

Jen Gilligan has a new avatar. 2 weeks ago

Paul Naybour is friends with Peace

Ahmed Quider has a new avatar. 3 weeks ago

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