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Explain the prerequisites required for each of the following three estimating methods

The first four points are fine, but the last one needs a bit more detail.

Michelle thanks for the feedback I am beginning to think that even my model answer is a bit too brief nowerdays.

Dan I am glad you found it useful.

Thanks Paul, That's a really useful explanation

Michelle Symonds posted a new discussion7 days ago

Managing Remote Project Teams

Managing a project team is difficult enough, but when you have to contend with your team members being geographically dispersed, it becomes even...

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Hack&cheat tools

Newest hack tools to cheating in games (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone)

There are also further helpful tips on this community discussion:

The other post that Pual mentioned gives a great example of what is required to get full marks eg:

Lisa Auvache has a new avatar. 1 month ago

Hi guy's I am sheetal arora, new here. Please tell me something about this website.

Michelle Symonds posted a new discussion1 month ago

How Successful Project Managers Make the Most of Their Time

All project managers know that time management is an essential skill to develop if you want to be successful in managing projects. If you can't...

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