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Brian Holt posted a new discussion35 minutes ago

Communications Question (Quadrant) - Feedback Required

Where stakeholder management is carried out using the grid below state the meaning of each of the axis ? Power Interest The power axis describes the...

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Hi, Can anyone help?, How do i access the the "eight interactive and engaging e-learning modules" ??

Hi, I am a newbie on here, any help support would be great.

Mohummed Hi i am new to this, any help would be most welcome. 12 hours 19 minutes ago
Brian Holt posted a new discussionyesterday

Portfolio Management - Feedback Required

Explain 3 key activities of portfolio management (30 Marks) Management of risk across the portfolio Coordinate the impact on BAU Provide a holistic...

APMP Study Group
Brian Holt posted a new discussionyesterday

Resource Management - Smoothing and Levelling - Feedback Required - am i on the right track re tactics ?

Explain The following approaches to resource scheduling Resource Smoothing (10 Marks) Resource Levelling (10 Marks) Resource smoothing is used when...

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Brian Holt posted a new discussion2 days ago

Business Case question - Feedback required (Found this difficult - so feedback appreciated)

A Explain the principle purpose of a project business case (10 marks) The principle purpose of the business case is to justify the project. The...

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The first trivial point is that you get marks for the list, so write it out first. Apart from that you need to write 2-3 sentences to demonstrate a...

Cool, who are you doing the exam with, is it a public course or with one of our corporate clients.

Good but try to remember to add examples to each paragraph. The first few lacked the detail to get a good mark.

Good I only added a mention of the organisation board of directors to the portfolio direction paragraph

Looks a good answer to me well done

Brain a very good answer, lots of detail and good explanation, ten like this and you should do well in the exam

The examiners are looking for 2-3 sentences in each paragraph. Examples are a good way of demonstrating knowledge but sometimes you need to just say...

Chantelle as Brian says there marks for doing the list, so always make sure you list things first. Other than that I would say you have given enough...