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The APM Launch Registered Project Professional (APM RPP)

Paul Naybour Discussion started by Paul Naybour 6 years ago

The APM has launched the APM Registered Project Professional standard. What is APM RPP? What is the assessment process and will it be worthhwile?

The Assessment Process for the APM Registered Project Professional 

Registered Project Professional will need to show that they can manage a complex project using the tools, processes and techniques of project management 

This will be demonstrated through:

1) Professional competences assessment 
2) Understanding of the APM Body of Knowledge
3) A record of achievement in the delivery of projects 
4) Adherence to the APM code of professional conduct.

Registered Project Professional Application process
Candidates will complete an online application and e-portfolio of evidence which includes:
1) Short statements providing evidence of competence in the critical competences
2) A project-based CV to support the statements of competence
3) A record of CPD carried out in the previous 12 months
4) Named referees who can confirm a candidate’s suitability
5) Evidence of academic and professional qualifications

The applications will be assessed and successful candidates will be invited to a 45 minute professional discussion.

When can I apply for APM Registered Project Professional?

The APM Registered Project Professional will be available from March 2011.

Paul Naybour
Paul Naybour The APM report that they have over 1,500 people registering an interest in RPP. What percentage of these people will take up the opportunity to take... Show more 6 years ago
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