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Differentiate between a project and business as usual

Karen Discussion started by Karen 5 years ago

A project introduces a new product or a change in product whereas business as usual seeks to reproduce the same item. For example, a project would produce a new IT system and roll it out in the business whereas business as usual would be operating that IT system day in day out.


A project produces the product in a finite, set time period whereas in business as usual the products are repeatedly produced for an indefinite amount of time. E.g. a roll out of an IT system would have to be completed by a particular target date whereas operations of that system would be ongoing.


For a project the plans and specifications that are put in place are bespoke and unique. Each project is different in implementation details so needs a bespoke approach to implementation.


During business as usual operations the working practises are procedural in order to achieve continuity, the aim being to continuously improve the work. Projects are about change, so may be in part procedural (such as change control procedure) but fundamentally involve the creation of new operating practices.


In a project the deliverables are produced once, whereas deliverables are repeatedly produced during business as usual. E.g. a project to build a new school will implement a unique design whereas a factory to produce washing machines will produce the same products day in day out.


Keen for some feedback on whether this is enough information and the right kind of format.




Paul Naybour
Paul Naybour Karen
I missed your post for some reason. You have the right idea but I would recommend adding some examples to illustrate all the points you are...
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5 years ago
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