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Sarah Hayward Discussion started by Sarah Hayward 3 years ago

The purpose of a project health & safety plan is to ensure that all those people working on a given project do so in a healthy and safe environment.  The plan will also extend to ensure that there is no danger to members of the public as a result of the a project.  A health & safety plan will also provide for clear and open communication routes so that anyone with any health & safety concerns can report them without fear of retribution.

Four components of a health & safety plan are as follows:

The plan will ensure that project environment is a health and safe place to work.  It will identify key areas of concern and provide guidance on how to deal with them.  For example, when using tools it will provide guidance on how to do so and what protective equipment is required.

The health & safety plan will have an escalation process to allow health & safety concerns to be raised with the appropriate person without any fear of retribution or recrimination.

The plan will allow for the regular assessment and reassessment of the project environment to ensure it continues to be healthy and safe.  This helps to avoid the development of any complacency and therefore an increased risk of injury.

The health & safety plan will consider the working environment for staff on the project.  For example, on a building site welfare facilities will be provided (such as portable toilets) for workmen to use.  

Paul Naybour
Paul Naybour OK but this is too brief to get good marks.

The health & safety plan will have an escalation process to allow health & safety concerns to be raised...
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3 years ago
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