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18- List and describe five actions a project manage can...

Marwa Abdalla Discussion started by Marwa Abdalla 2 years ago
Actions project manager can take to resolve conflict are:
  1. Avoiding the conflict.
  2. Accommodating.
  3. Competing.
  4. Collaborating
  5.  Compromising
1-Avoiding conflict means ignoring the conflict or intentionally paying no attention to it. It is one action that PM can take to deal with unimportant matters that will not have impact on the work progress. That is useful as PM avoids unnecessary clashes that will not add benefits to any party. For example, PM avoided conflict with staff member who went on medical appointment without permission during non-rush period in the project.
2-Accommodating conflict means showing high levels of cooperation with others and low levels of assertiveness. PM can take that action when he realises that he is on the wrong side while the other party is on the right one. That action may calm down the other party and lead them to show some understanding. For example, PM can accommodate the conflict with the client while discussing delays in the work progress.
3- Competing means being insisting and showing high levels of assertiveness and least cooperation. PM can take that action when he knows that he is on the right side and insists on getting what he wants regardless what the other party’s opinions are. That action allows PM to insist on following the regulations. For example, PM insisted on following the health and safety regulation during site visit and did not allow his surveyor to enter confined space without gas monitor. Device.
4-Collaborating means showing high levels of both cooperation and assertiveness which are interchanged during the same negotiation. PM can take that action when he and the other party are both aiming to reach best solutions. That action allows both parties to reach what is known as win-win situation. For example, PM can follow that approach while discussing optimised design (which is aesthetic, practical, and not expensive) with a client.
5-Compromising means showing medium levels of cooperation and medium levels of assertiveness. PM can take that action when he is getting into a long debate with the other party where neither of the two parties will be getting out as a complete winner. Compromising enables PM to gain some benefits against some losses. For example, PM may compromise during final payments negations and variation orders claims.  
Paul Naybour
Paul Naybour Yet another good answer, well done 2 years ago
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