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Teamwork - Feedback Required - am i on the right track ?

Brian Holt Discussion started by Brian Holt 2 years ago
Explain the concept of teamwork (10 Marks)?

Teamwork is a group of people working in collaboration or by cooperation to achieve a common goal. A project manager will need a team with an appropriate mix of skills to undertake differing tasks and also the volume of staff to complete the work. By collectively working together in a scheduled and organised manner through the PMP agreed within the  definition stage the organisation can make effective and efficient use of resources within the organisation. The project manager should initially build the team to obtain the correct mix of resources (Social Roles – Belbin)and then move the team through the stages of development Forming, Storming, Norming Performing) as quickly as possible to optimise performance

From the following team or social roles explain  4 of these and how the contribute towards an effective team (40 Marks) ?

Completer / Finisher : this type of resource focusses on the task and painstakingly and meticulously looks at fine detail. They will ensure that all imperfections within a product are resolved through polishing and perfecting. This role is very good at driving up quality of the finished product and contributes towards an ethos of continuous improvement witin the team. Without this role, issues may remain unresolved leading to poor quality, low morale and non delivery / acceptance.

Plant :  this type of resource is the ideas person who solves difficult problems. They are able to provide a range of solutions and have the ability to think laterally about problems. They contribute towards an effective team through problem solving having the ability to overcome problems which might otherwise need external specialist expertise which can be difficult and expensive to source.

Opponent – The opponent provides challenge to the project to ensure that processes / products are being defined and carried out in an effective and efficient manner. For example the project managers challenge and scrutiny would be fulfilled by the Project Sponsor who will challenge any discrepancies or variations to the baselined PMP. The sponsor fulfils this role to ensure the delivery of the benefits within the business case are delivered through the PMP.

Implementer – Solid, reliable and dependant with a clear delivery focus. They are able to delegate effectively to other team members and able to keep track of tasks and dependancies. This role requires an effective communicator who has good influencing skills. In the project environment this role would usually be the project manager who drives the team to deliver a focussed goal.

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