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Feedback please.....List and describe five typical...

Harriet Gee Discussion started by Harriet Gee 1 year ago
List and describe five typical contents (e.g. processes, components, techniques) of a structured project management method

1.    Products

2.    People

3.    Processes

4.    Templates

5.    Tools

Products are an element of a project management method.  Products are what you need to deliver the project.  For example, the PMP produced by the PM during definition phase.  Products are also the working documents used throughout the project.  These may be a risk register, a change log or a cost plan.  Many of these documents i.e. drawings are held in the configuration library are version controlled, checked out and managed through the change process if they need to be amended.  

People are also an element of a project management method.  People are the resources working on the project, e.g. the project team, Project Manager or PMO. A method will define the standard roles and responsibilities to be used in an organisations projects. In addition to the standard roles such as project manager, sponsor and user a method may define specific company roles such as  technical lead, client  or project engineer.   

Processes are another type of element of a project management method.  The processes and procedures are produced by the Project Manager within the definition phase and form part of the Project Management Plan.  The processes form a framework identifying how things need to be done and forms part of the governance of the project.  This allows for continuity and structure e.g. should the project manager leave during the project it will allow someone new to take over.   For example, the Risk Management Plan.  This is used by the PM to monitor risk and give the ability to communicate to the Stakeholders and Users.

Templates are also an element of a project management method.  They will usually have pre-determined formats and be partially populated with text of explanations for use.  An example would be the Risk Register or Change Log.  This provides consistency and like with processes, continuity throughout the project and more importantly through a programme of works.

Tools are an element of a project management method.  These are usually items like the software used e.g. risk management software, design or reporting software.  Tools can also be more specific especially during the development stage where health and safety equipment or cranes may be needed.

Paul Naybour
Paul Naybour Hi very goo some minor changes in italics to the part on roles. 1 year ago
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