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Leigh Discussion started by Leigh 9 months ago
3, Explain how a Project office can assist a project manager

1. A project office can provide Administration support to the Project Manager

  2. A project office can provide Governance assistance to the project manager

3. A project office can provide Resource allocation, to the project manager

  4. A project office can provide support the project manager with the Collating and distribution of reports

5. A project office can provide project management guidance, mentoring, coaching. Tools and techniques, to assist the project manager

The project office can assist the project manager with the following tasks, processes and governance.

.Administration support.

PMO office will support the pm with Minute taking, this will allow the project manager time to focus on the content of the meeting and not the administrative tasks required. The PMO office can help and assist in setting up meetings, sending out invites, agendas, actions and collating of the information on return.

Distribution of documents, managing change control and version control.

Support on filing of documents


ensuring a consistent approach and process is taken through all project, programmes and portfolios, •

The PMO will ensure that a consistent and standardised approach is taken with all process, procedures and tasks, this ensures everyone is doing all activities and tasks in a set way and not going off and doing something they should not be, it also helps the PMO office manage accountability.

• Centre of excellence to support the Project manager

• Peer reviews to audit project files

Resource allocation,

• The PMO office will help with resource allocation,

• Ensures that the Project Manager has the support required for the project being undertaken, size, complexity, skill set.

• Can support the PM in times of absence

• Re allocate resource to other projects, when project is finished.

Collating, distribution of reports,,

• The pmo office will manage the collation and distribution of reports, like project book, MBR (Monthly Reporting), project plans, project dashboards.

  • This is all information and reports which assist the Project managers, programme managers, finance, senior managers and boards to understand what is happening with projects through various reporting mechanisms,

• To ensure the project is being delivered to time, cost, quality and scope as well as benefits, managing risks • Managing change control and version control of the various reports
Provide project management guidance, mentoring, coaching. Tools and techniques,

The pmo office will also ensure the Project manager has the necessary guidance tools and techniques, through Ways of working, APMP, Grip, Prince2

They also assist the PM with what is needed for each project through risk reports, stakeholder management, benefit mapping, reporting process.

In addition to this the PMO office can also assist the PM in finding mentors, coaches assisting with continuous training and development, this ensures the PM is always learning growing and developing and knowledge is passed down.
Paul Naybour
Paul Naybour Again the answer lacks a structured approach sorry. Have a look at the way this one is laid out…

Feedback required - Explain the benefits of a project management office.

Feel I'm a sentence or two short on both of these questions on the PMO, is that a fair assumption? Relieve some of the administrative…

9 months ago
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