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Describe the key differences between Projects and...

Redwan Atwiri Discussion started by Redwan Atwiri 7 months ago
Describe the key differences between Projects and Business-As-Usual (BAU). Make five relevant points.

• Project introduces a one off, change or new product but BAU would seek to reproduce the same item. This could be a new IT system being developed to improve business efficiency and BAU would be using the system after release. This means that the risk of failure is much higer for projects compared to BAU

• Projects are temporary delivered over a finite period of time to meet a specific goal and business as usual would be the day to day repeat activities for an existing product and service. So for example the design of a new IT system would be a project whereas the operation of the system would be BAU.

• Projects have specific plans that are implemented and are generally bespoke and created to meet the deliverables of the project. Not one project is the same. Business as usual follow internal procedures and process that maintain the business. This means that project managers need to be able to develop and implement plans quickly and effectively.

• The project will be funded from the capital budget that has been made available after the business case was accepted by the stakeholders. Business as usual would be funded from the operational budget. So that projects have to go through some business case approval process. This will often involve investment appraisal calculations.

• A project is fundamentally introducing change and is being governed by the stakeholder through a project manager to improve, create or develop something that will benefit the organisation. The business as usual maintain the consistency of the organisation by continuing to function following process and procedures in areas of work. This means that projects have to be good an managing and implementing change. This can often require a different mind set from BAU.

Ahmed Quider
Ahmed Quider • Project are transient, they have a finite time in which they will deliver those deliverables.
• They are of various sizes, there are overheads...
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7 months ago
Paul Naybour
Paul Naybour Redwan Atwiri your answer lacked the necessary detail to get the marks. I have added some additional content in italics, which would help. 7 months ago
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