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Help needed: Can someone please summarise the difference between resource levelling and smoothing?

Michelle Greaves Also after being on the course ....Resource smoothing is done BY the project manager (PM) to smooth out peaks in resources e.g. if you need 10... Show more 1 week ago
Paul Naybour Hi For me the key difference is that with smoothing you use the float to reduce peak demand for resources, by keeping the end date the same. With... Show more 2 days ago

Jon thanks for posting your answer. In general you are going the right way but your answer lacked the detail necessary to demonstrate understanding...

Paul Naybour shared a video in APMP Study Group group. 3 months ago

In the APMP what is the difference between...

This briefly describes the diffecence between project management governance and a project management method

Jon Davies posted a new discussion3 months ago

Q2 Describe how the following can be used to communicate a...

Describe how the following can be used to communicate a schedule to different stakeholders: a)WBS A WBS illustrates all of the work and their...

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Paul Naybour posted a new discussion3 months ago

Question 10A: Explain the prerequisites required for each...

The pre-requisites to estimating techniques are The pre-requisites for comparative estimating are a set of data from similar projects to act as a...

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Dear all I though you might like to know that this exam is now called the APM PMQ, but other then the name everything else is the same.

Craig I have edited your answer in italics to reflect what I would expect to see in the APM PMQ (APMP) exam. I hope this helps.

Remember the maximum you can score is two marks per sentence, so you might pass with this example but a bit more detail would be ideal.

You have in part explained what is earned value. The questions askes you to explain how to use earned value I would say earned values compares the...

You have two already you also need to all that the resource may be diverted onto something else which the task is not in progress.

Paul Naybour replied to creating a robust schedule 4 months ago

Yes is it. There are a number of different steps but the five I would choice are

Beverley Monaghan posted a new discussion4 months ago

creating a robust schedule

One of the sample questions is "List and describe five steps in creating a robust schedule. I'm struggling with this one as can't decide what a...

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The first four points are fine, but the last one needs a bit more detail.

Michelle thanks for the feedback I am beginning to think that even my model answer is a bit too brief nowerdays.

Dan I am glad you found it useful.

Thanks Paul, That's a really useful explanation

There are also further helpful tips on this community discussion:

The other post that Pual mentioned gives a great example of what is required to get full marks eg:

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