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Twelve Steps to Design and Deploy a Project Management Framework

Creating a Project Management Framework

A project management framework is a consistent approach to the delivery of projects in an organisation. It normally consists of a common project lifecycle, defined roles and responsibilities, key documents and a set of governance rules. The advantage of a framework is that is encourages Continuity because that project teams and members have a shared…

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Podcasts – the way to learn while you’re managing

PM Podcast

Every project manager should have both hands full plus an extra hand ready to catch any issue that comes up unexpectedly during the management of a project. A busy PM can fall into the trap of continually striving to excel with projects, whilst falling behind on new skills that are important for continuous professional development…

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Interesting Project Management Reads

replication of project success

The first thing a client says he or she wants is never really what they want An article by Jerry Bauers caught my eye today in which he states that his long experience in project management (via his consulting engineering business ) has taught him many things, a couple of which stand out: The first…

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Project Managers Think About Your Motivating Tactics

Project Manager Motivation

No More Mandatory Fun! Project managers, it’s time to stop forcing your team to have fun. That is not to say you need to pull a serious face every time someone cracks a joke, you simply need to reconsider your organisation’s idea of fun. A key difference between large corporations and small businesses is their…

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