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Managing A Remote Project Team

Managing a project team is difficult enough, but when you have to contend with your team members being geographically dispersed, it becomes even more difficult. Not only do you have all of the challenges that you typically face during a project, for example, scope creep, not having the best remote work tools and managing client […]

Importance of Change Management

The Importance of Managing Change for Project Managers

Every experienced project manager knows that at some point in the lifecycle of a project, if not throughout the whole lifecycle, there will be requests for changes: changes to the specification, functionality or design. Whilst a lot of effort will have gone into discussing what is needed, interviewing users and stakeholders, brainstorming, storyboarding, analysis and […]

A support programme for March 2023 APM Chartership (ChPP) applicants

The APM have announced an update to their ChPP standard, which will be rolled out in 2023. You can find more information on the APM website; The name, status and rigour of the chartered standard will remain the same as the current edition. Here are key dates you’ll need to know if you’re thinking of applying: […]

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How To Achieve A Good Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is very difficult to achieve but it’s important to ensure we are always able to perform our best at work, and yet still enjoy everything life has to offer us. Here are some tips to help achieve a good work-life balance. Work/ life balance can often seem completely unachievable when you’re a project […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Managing Stress as a Project Manager

There are numerous project management qualifications available from an introductory level right up to degree or chartered level. They cover a variety of methodologies in order to help you manage projects more successfully and more consistently. From the APM Project Foundation Qualification to the advanced APM Registered Project Professional (APM RPP) accreditation, all PM courses […]

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Emotional Intelligence – A Project Manager’s Best Asset?

Emotional Intelligence can be described as the capability to be aware of your emotions, knowing how to express them and control them effectively. It also involves being able to empathetically and judiciously handle interpersonal relationships. There have been a number of studies that have proven how critical Emotional Intelligence is to professional and personal success. […]

mindful listening for project managers

Mindful listening for project managers

Communication is one of those vital project management skills; it involves information being transmitted between a sender and a receiver. It is the sender who gives the message – by whatever means – and the receiver who either gets the message verbally or in written form. The success of communication relies on the words themselves […]

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Project Managers – Importance Of Good Body Language

Body language is incredibly important in many areas of work life, yes, even for project managers so we should understand how important it is in relation to all aspects of our working life. Here we look at the 8 different elements of body language.   Professional training courses for project managers teach you skills, and […]

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Project Burnout – How To Spot It And How To Stop It

Being a project manager is a fast paced and highly demanding job. So, there’s no surprise that burnout can occur. Detecting signs of burnout is not something typically taught on a project managers training course but, nevertheless, it could be important. Even if you are using a controlled approach to managing your projects and consider yourself to […]