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Project at risk of being derailed? Here’s the solution

Most experienced project managers have worked on at least one project that has been at risk of being derailed at some point. If your current project is at crisis point here are some ideas, gathered from delegates on some of our project management courses, to get it back on track. Cut the conflict Clashes of […]

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5 more solutions to avoid project hurdles

In the previous post we looked at some ways to overcome project hurdles but there are so many solutions that we’ve gathered even more ideas from delegates on some of our recent project management courses. Here they are… Boosting morale One of the biggest project hurdles is keeping your team engaged and motivated. Monday mornings […]

project hurdles

5 solutions to avoid project obstacles

Obstacles to progress or productivity are an everyday possibility for every manager, and they can seriously threaten the success of a project as well as the morale of your team. Here are 5 of our  favourite solutions here at Parallel Project Training,  that offer the opportunity for you to raise the bar and succeed, rather […]

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Gantt charts for beginners

Do you use Gantt charts for project management? If not and you’d like to, we offer some great basic tips about Gantt charts for beginners here. Gantt charts are a popular tool with project managers, and it is easy to see why. They are a simple tool that can be used to help visualise time […]

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Quick wins for project managers

The most important quick project wins are the ones you should ensure happen in every project. Find out how to quickly build a starting point for a successful project. It doesn’t matter how many projects you have been involved in, as you will learn on any project manager course there is always plenty of scope […]

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Project Manager Salaries in the UK

Since 2015 the Association for Project Management (APM) have been producing an annual Salary and Market Trends Survey for the project profession. So it’s always good to take a peek at the latest data and see how project manager salaries, job satisfaction etc. compare with others in your industry. Of course, the Project Management Institute […]

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Project Management FAQs

Updated 29th November 2021 Here you’ll find the questions we are most often asked in our list of project management FAQs. But if there is a question not covered here that you would like us to answer, then feel free to ask in the comments section at the end

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The Benefits of Adobe Connect For Virtual Learning

  • 20th May 2020
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If you are not using Adobe Connect for your virtual learning, then read on to see all the benefits you could be taking advantage of. When it comes to virtual learning whether you are undertaking a project managers course, or indeed any other form of training, there are a number of different platforms out there […]

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Prioritising Work With The Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is a great way of prioritising project work for maximum efficiency so here we look at how to get it to work for project managers. Too often the one thing that you might find missing from your work life is the right amount of prioritisation and organisation in order to complete an […]

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What is Visual Project Management?

Visual project management is a relatively new idea that combines data visualisation methodologies and visual thinking tools with the more traditional concepts of project reporting, communication and the practices linked to facilitation. Visual project management is a somewhat revolutionary approach that combines the latest data and information presentation techniques in a way that improves both […]