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Managing A Remote Project Team

Managing a project team is difficult enough, but when you have to contend with your team members being geographically dispersed, it becomes even more difficult. Not only do you have all of the challenges that you typically face during a project, for example, scope creep, not having the best remote work tools and managing client […]

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10 Powerful Tips for IT Project Managers

For most leaders and most industries, project management skills are absolutely essential, and never more so than for leaders in tech related industry roles. It is often the case that a tech team will be juggling several projects at the same time, communicating with a range of stakeholders and dealing with different priorities and deadlines. […]

Overcoming Project Hurdles

Overcoming project barriers for website project managers

As any project manager will tell you, when you work with a group of individuals there are always project barriers or obstacles involved. It can be very difficult to work with a diverse group of people, understand cultural differences, and give them the right leadership to work together as a cohesive team. Although it is […]

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7 Powerful Tips for Project Managers in the Digital Marketing Industry

Whilst professional project managers may be strong in their own field and know which project management processes and procedures to use to deliver successful projects, when it comes to digital marketing knowledge, they might benefit from a little help. It isn’t essential to have industry experience to be a successful project manager in that industry […]

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Project management software to consider

What is project management? Simply put, project management is being able to stay on top of your deadlines, keep track of your resources and your deliverables, keep good communication with your project team members and stakeholders and control every aspect of your project whilst steering it to a satisfactory outcome. This might seem like a […]