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How to Build High Performing Project Team

What is a high performing project team and how does it differ from a regular team? All managers recognize a high performing team when they see one. They are the people who can take a project and run with it, requiring little intervention from superiors before bringing the project to a successful conclusion. Unlike typical…

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Re-evaluating Effective Leadership in Today’s On-line Society

Regimes around the world have been crumbling as large protests amass globally. There is unrest among the civilian population who seek strong leaders free from corruption and greed. The Arab Spring has lead to overthrows in Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and numerous other surrounding countries. The Occupy Wall Street movement is sweeping the nation and protesters…

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There Are Project Managers and There Are Project Managers

different types of project manager

There is a wealth of information, advice, articles and blogs out there about the emerging profession of project management and these all, invariably, refer to project managers as if they were one breed. There is little distinction between the industry the project managers work in, or the levels of complexity in the projects they manage.…

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Is IT Project Management different?

IT Project Management has become known as its own separate field which is maintained by a body of research and knowledge spanning fields with approved professional certification. The IT field is fast becoming more dependable, quicker and more affordable, the costs, complications, and dangers of IT projects keep increasing. Extensive cited studies and reports show…

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What is a Project Plan?

In order for any project to have a successful outcome, a project needs a solid foundation. Before the work starts there must be the coming together of minds to agree the project objectives, scope and detailed activities to produce a working project plan. This will describe from start to finish how it will be done and…

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Can PMP Certification get you an interview?

Imagine in your mind that you are the hiring manager of a large scale company that is looking to bring on a new project manager, and you are staring at the large stack of resumes dreading getting started. The first thing that you want to do is rather than search for the eligible applicants and…

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