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What is the role of project managers in portfolio management?

Everyone in the world of project management seems to be getting excited about portfolio and programme management. The Association for Project Management (APM) is putting the APM Body of knowledge through major heart surgery to align it with a portfolio, programme and project view of the world. Government departments have identified that the failure of…

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Re-thinking the Project Planning Phase

When it comes to planning a project there are well-established collections of project management knowledge based on traditional methodologies such as those from the Association for Project Management (APM) or the Project Management Institute (PMI ). Such a “Body of Knowledge” places substantial emphasis on the importance of the planning phase. The phase includes not…

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Sustainabilty and Time Management

Sustainability and Time Management Integrating sustainability into the knowledge areas can have a streamlining effect on an organization that wants to reduce waste and improve productivity. With regards to time management, the processes required to manage the timely completion of a project commonly includes the definition of project activities, their sequence, resources estimation, activity duration…

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