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101 Characteristics of a Project Manager

Today I came across a table listing the necessary personal characteristics required in a project manager that had been compiled in “Impact of Project Managers’ Personalities on Project Success in Four Types of Project” (Bakhsheshi & Nejad, 2011) from a number of papers going back as far as 1976.   Whilst personal traits undoubtedly have…

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The Project Manager as a Project Facilitator

The major responsibilities of a project manager are well defined – anyone who has been on a project management training course will have a clear idea of what is expected of them in that role. But the realities of the project workplace can be very different and a project manager may often have to tackle…

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Training The Best Project Managers To Be Better

Major ERP Software Provider invests in bespoke training for its top project managers Project Managers from across the globe gathered recently at the UK headquarters in High Wycombe of IFS, a major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) company, to embark on an inaugural, exclusive, tailored training programme specifically designed to equip this elite band of international…

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