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Project Follow-up and Close: Ending Things The Right Way

Projects can seem to be so much about getting things done and achieving the project aims, that often coming to a satisfactory conclusion and properly closing a project can be overlooked. There is nothing worse than coming to the end of a project and feeling a bit deflated because there was no official hand over.…

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Selected Project Management News & Articles

  Why Implementing Project Management Best Practices Means Something Different for Everyone While project management best practices vary between different project managers, projects and organisations they basically consist of 4 elements: Identifying those approaches, processes and tools that, when applied correctly, always lead to positive outcomes. Building a PM team that has the skills and…

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We are recruiting a Sales and Marketing Assistant

Parallel Project Training is a small but rapidly growing project management training provider. To support our future growth we are seeking a sales, marketing and administration assistant to join our team. This will be an ideal opportunity to join an innovative company at an early stage with huge potential for the role to grow as…

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Defining project success

Feeling like you’ve done a great job on a project is not quite enough. In order for a project to be officially a success, it must meet a set of ‘success criteria’ as set out by the project stakeholders and manager. In order for a project to be proven a success, these criteria must be…

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What Makes a Project Manager Great?

What Makes a Project Manager Great? Good project managers routinely deliver to agreed objectives in terms of cost, time and scope. But what makes someone a great project manager? What marks them out as different? They consistently deliver project benefits which enhance organisational success Great project managers enthuse those both within and beyond the project…

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Why Today's Project Problem Could Be Tomorrow's Opportunity

Change Management

Whatever type of project you might be embarking on, from a small 2-person project for a start-up company to a global project for an international organisation, no project will be without its problems. No amount of proper planning and adherence to good project management standards will eliminate problems entirely. (Of course, they can be minimised…

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