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3 Apps to Simplify Your Project Planning Process Completing different projects is an integral part of business operations and continual growth. Success relies heavily on organization and execution while meeting deadlines. Although staying on target isn’t always easy, utilizing project planning apps can streamline a project and minimize complications. Oracle’s Vision for Project Management at…

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Are You a Good Communicator?

All project managers know that communication skills form the backbone of their ability to succeed in their roles. With communication channels spidering out from your project in all directions, to stakeholders, team members, managers and more, it makes sense to ensure you excel when it comes to communication skills. Being a project manager means being…

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Adrian Taggart – Project Manager Interview

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Adrian Taggart, one of the Parallel Project Training Associates, about his career in project management. He has had experience in a range of different roles and organisations so it was very interesting finding out about his background and he has plenty of good advice to offer both…

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