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Earned Value Equations

Schedule Metrics Schedule Performance Index (SPI) SPI = earned value / plan value   Schedule Variance (SV) SV = earned value – plan value   Schedule Variance (time) SV(t)= Earned schedule – Actual time   Schedule Performance Index (time) SPI(t)= Earned schedule / Actual time   Revised Estimated Duration = Original planned duration / SPI(t)…

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Why become a Project Manager?

Getting success as a project manager can be a very rewarding experience. It is basically planning, organizing and managing in order to complete any project successfully. Depending upon the assignment, the projects can range from small to medium business project to large consolidation projects. A career as a project manager involves the use of proper…

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Five Benefits of Managing a Project as Part of a Programme

1) The programme manager can co-ordinate the project to deliver strategic benefit for the organisation. This can be difficult for individual projects because they do not have a communication route to the senior management team or a way in which the projects can be co-ordinated. An example of this would be the London 2012 Olympic Games in which programme management played a critical part in the success of the project.

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Where does social media fit into project management?

effective project communication

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past decade, you are probably already involved in many levels of social networking for both your professional and personal lives. Social media has become as much a part of our days as texting a friend or saying ‘hi’ to a colleague in the hallway.

Not only that, but social networks are now about much more than informing the world that you’ve just had a cup of coffee (although some people still do that). These days they form an important element of business, and can be used intelligently by companies to connect with their clients and to connect departments and teams internally and so improve project management communications.

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What Project Management Training Is All About

Project Management in a Competitive World

Effective project management training, or indeed any type of professional  training offers many benefits to the employee and the employer; but many employees consider it a chore that has to be done and that they have no choice but to undertake a particular course either because their employer expects it or because all of their…

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How to Manage a Project Rescue?

The job. The task strategy was considered. Dedication and acceptance were distributed by the project board. The task is getting underway and is making great progress against milestones. The project team is meeting their goals; the budget and agenda are now being adhered to. The task was executed perfectly according to the project management training…

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Project Management Development Centers

If you need to truly develop project management performance, you need to consider the word ‘competence’ not just knowledge. Competence in the words of the OED means someone’s ability or potential to manage a project to a defined performance standard and in projects, the standard is delivering on time, within budget the specification. Developing your…

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Assessment Based Project Manager Training

The primary reason why businesses invest in project management training is to improve the delivery of projects. Improving project delivery requires an understanding the things done by effective project managers and instilling these behaviours in a wider community of project managers. There are two approaches to this development; the first uses standard models of competence…

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