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Frequently Asked Questions About Project Management

Project Management Education

Here are answers to some basic questions for those new to project management or considering it as a career choice. Feel free to comment on these answers or ask your own question.   What is Project Management? Project Management is the use of skills, knowledge, processes, and activities to reach a defined end-result that could…

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What makes for a great project management training course?

What makes a good project management course

As all business owners and managers know, the core of business is setting and meeting goals. Some of these goals are short term, while others take considerably longer to achieve. When a particular goal can be broken down into discrete steps, it is often viewed as a project. Managing projects, however, is not as intuitive…

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Ten Questions Project Managers Should Ask Project Sponsors

Importance of people in projects

Being a project manager requires various skills to get the project done successfully in the allotted timeframe. Project managers need effective project sponsorship to ensure proper funding. Each sponsor will wish to discuss the project’s budget and other crucial factors, but project managers should first ask these 10 questions to retain the right sponsors. 1.…

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Six reasons to use a project management framework

PMP Exam

Basically, a Project Management Framework is used to define roles, responsibilities and a common lifecycle that can be applied to all the projects pertaining to a single organization. But, why use Project Management Framework? There are 6 reasons, which also called the 6Cs of why Project Management Framework needs to be used: • Consistency; •…

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Is a career in project management right for me?

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Some project managers train specifically for a professional role in project management right from the start, whilst others progress through their organization in different roles, and at some point identify project management as a role they would like to take on. Sometimes it is a role that you fall into by accident or one that…

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