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Virtual PMP Certification Course Launched

effective project communication

Parallel Project Training have successfully delivered a number of bespoke virtual courses for corporate clients and have now launched their first open virtual PMP Certification course to be held in November 2014. Registration for the course is now open and will continue until 23 October 2014. The course will be conducted over a full week…

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All Projects Are Imperfect

Project manager career

In the project management world we all like to talk about, and aim for, a successful project. We expend much of our time, effort and energy trying to manage risks, control change and monitor our schedule and budget. We deal with long lists of tasks with complex inter-dependencies trying to make everything perfect. But, perhaps,…

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5 Ways to Improve your Delegation Skills

Professional Project Management Tips

Delegation is a key skill for a project manager but it is often very difficult to execute efficiently. Here are 5 ways to improve your delegation skills: Give Notice   You should never make assumptions with project management, ever. Your team members should be well organised and committed to achieving their objectives on time. If…

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