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Good Project Management Reads

Project Management Book

Some of the articles I have most enjoyed reading this month…   Don’t be afraid to move industry. Your skills have universal relevance The tools and techniques of project management are universal. A good project manager should be able to add value in any environment. Most project managers, however, bring some specific subject matter expertise…

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Why Are PM Qualifications Important?

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In project management just as in many other professional careers solid experience is essential for complex or lengthy projects. But just how qualifications are no substitute for experience so experienced project managers also need to consider which qualifications might improve their effectiveness as a PM and improve their career prospects. For many project managers, especially…

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Five Steps to a Benefit Profile

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While the more confusing concepts in programme management is that the benefits profile. Many people struggle to get to grips with what they need to do in order to produce a benefit profile for project or programme. I think this is because guidance offered is is quite high level it doesn’t really give you a…

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