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Business Analysis on "Agile-Type" Projects

Business Analysis in Agile Projects

This week I ‘ave mostly been reading about Business Analysis (for those who remember Paul Whitehouse’s character Jesse from The Fast Show) And, unlike Jesse’s diet and fashion tips, there is much to say about business analysis in the current project environments that are moving away from traditional waterfall methods towards – if not exactly…

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Salary Trends: Are You Just an Average Project Manager?

Salary Trends in Project Management

We all like to think of ourselves as successful project managers or maybe you are aspiring to be a successful project manager but the recent 2015 inaugural APM Salary and Market Trends Survey starts with an insight into what the average project manager is. Somehow that term “average project manager” doesn’t smack of success –…

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Project Management Timeline Infographic

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As this project management timeline infographic from Telegraph Courses shows there are many trends in project management that we should be aware of but one  to watch is cyber security – this is likely to become ever more important and project managers will need to ensure deliverables are secure.   Project Management Timeline – An…

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