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The Politically Astute Project Manager

change management activities

In this post, we return to the topic of politics in projects. Politics has a bit of a dirty name. It’s associated with false promises, backstabbing, alliances and manipulating others. The worst weakness of Politics is its failure to deliver on its promises. Time and time again we see public politicians or business leaders failing to deliver the…

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Project Management Skills and Qualities All PMs Should Develop

Project Management Skills

We all know that to secure the best project management roles, especially if you are coming new into an organisation, requires some sort of formal project management qualification in addition to the relevant experience as a project manager. Even introductory PM certifications such as the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (APM PFQ) shows that as a…

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How Successful Project Managers Make the Most of Their Time

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All project managers know that time management is one of the essential project management skills to develop if you want to be successful in managing projects. If you can’t manage your own time effectively then you will find it difficult to manage a project. You will always feel as if there is just too much…

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