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6 out 10 questions …

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 6th June 2012

Hi Paul and everyone …

Its doesn’t seem a big number of questions out of 10 … BUT .. as the exam is essay based, requiring examples and explanations etc .. I was wondering as to the specific focus of individual questions.

Is it a bad approach to focus more on certain topics and make them your knowledge strength? I’m not saying neglect any areas per se .. but would it favour a pass potential?

Its a lot of heady details to try and remember without a photographic memory 🙂 and my brain hurts to maintain focus on one subject then jump to another. The PMP multi choice type tests at least give you hints that help refresh what you’ve studied .. but a written exam is like having to remember the book word for word ..

So is it a severe risk to tackle a limited number of knowledge areas and strengthen more than others? I guess huh?