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Chartered Project Professional Part Two – Understand what needs to go into a project overview

Write you Chartered Project Professional Project Profiles

The Chartered Project Professional Standard requires that applicants provide a number of ‘project statements’ that they can use when describing their competency later in their application. It’s not altogether clear how many you should write up from the application guidance as some of the earlier narrative is a bit ambiguous. It is clarified later however and…

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Its not all about Gantt charts

Commonly held beliefs about the likelihood of projects ‘succeeding’ advocate the increased attention to the ubiquitous Gantt chart, adherence to methods and a thorough and profound understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the project team from Sponsor down. Leadership and motivation too attract significant amounts of attention in the various bodies of knowledge. There…

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Does The Project Manager Need To Be A Specialist?

Question “To be an effective Project Manager it is essential to have knowledge of the project topic – only civil engineers can be PM’s for civil engineering projects” Yes Do Project Managers need to have specialist technical knowledge? I would argue that they do. That is not to say that they need to understand the…

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