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Create A Gantt Chart Showing Critical Path And Activities

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 10th April 2013

 Create a Gantt chart showing the critical path and activities free float.

critical path
  1. Paul says:


    Look correct to me, well done


  2. Student says:


    I have uploaded the Gantt chart into my photos, if you could please give me any feedback it would be appreciated.



  3. Student says:

    Paul, is it possible to have a quick phone call over this some time tomorrow? I tried answering Q8 from Mock Exam Paper B but i think it’s wrong… Help would be greatly appreciated!!

  4. Student says:

    Hi Paul.
    I couldn’t work out how to embed the picture into here, so I’ve uploaded my attempt into a Photo Album.
    Any comments much appreciated.

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