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Describe 5 Key Attributes Of Projects And Difference To BAU

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 12th March 2015

  1. Projects have a start and finish point; A project could be used to produce a standard operating procedure for manufacturing a new product. Once the SOP is approved and is being used to produce said product: The project ends and business as usual proceeds.
  2. Projects have a set budget, that is capitalised. Whereas business as usual would be funded by op’s budget.
  3. The first prototypes of a mass produced product would be considered a project; as they would form part of the development and launch phase a project. Once in production, the manufacture of said product then becomes business as usual.
  4. A project seeks to make instant changes/benefits; whereas business as usual looks to steady incremental changes over a longer period.
  5. A project as a number of steps that make up the project life cycle; whereas business as usual, products go through ‘product life cycle’: build, use, end of life – disposal.