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Explain Five Considerations For A Project Communication Plan

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 19th November 2012


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          The Project Manager must consider who he will need to communicate with. This will include which stakeholders should be communicated with. One way to do this is through stakeholder analysis to assess their interest and influence associated with a project. By considering the whole of the project lifecycle and all the parties involved at each stage, the Project Manager will be able to successfully identify all of the parties to be communicated with.


          The Project Manager will need to decide what needs to be communicated. This may cover things such as upcoming events related to the project, financial information, environmental considerations and potential issues, to name a few. Once the Project Manager has decided what should be communicated, he can link this to the above consideration of who should be communicated to.


          The Project Manager should consider how he will communicate when required. This will depend on what is being communicated and to who. Examples of some forms of communication are formal written, informal written, formal verbal, informal verbal and non verbal (e.g. body language). Some of these methods may be deemed to be more effective than others.


          The Project Manager will need to consider when communication should occur, and if more than once, how often. For example, it may be necessary to communicate plans with stakeholders during the preparation of the Business Case to make sure there is early involvement. An example of another issue to consider is if communication with a public body is required at a certain time before work begins. If so, this should be documented in the communication plan and project programme.


          The Project Manager should consider the cost of the various communication options. Different options can vary greatly in cost, for example having a conference call with employees of the organisation around the world would avoid the high travel and time costs of bring all the individuals together in the same location. This however may sometimes be necessary. These considerations should be related back to the project budget to see what was originally allowed for and therefore what would be acceptable.

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