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Have more fun with your project management, submit your ideas now.

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 3rd November 2010

Inspired by this fantastic blog post about fun ways of doing day to day things, we are running a competition to capture the best ideas for having more fun in project management  bringing the f word back into projects.

Submit your ideas below

Fantastic prizes are up for offer including

  1.  A copy of the Lazy Project Manager from Peter Taylor (@thelazypm)
  2. A free project management distance learning course from @paralleprojecttraining
  3. €10 Amazon gift certificate from Jacques Dunselman(@pmflying), connecting PM with the world of aviation.
  4. $15 ebay gift card from Kathlika Thomas and the IT Project Blog (@nuwave); videos, tips and tools for project managers

Submit your ideas below the best idea will be judged in the best traditions of TV dance competition by:

  1. The Public Vote (50%)
  2. Jury of @paralleprojecttraining, @pmflying, @nuwave and @thelaztpm

The closing date will be the 31st December 2010 and the prizes will be awarded early in the new year.