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Chartered Project Professional – Competence 2: Change Control

If you are already a project professional with a track record of managing complex projects, programmes or portfolios and can demonstrate experience in 10 mandatory and 2 elective competencies then you could be ready to become a Chartered Project Professional. You will also require advanced technical knowledge and understanding of the theory of current practices…

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Chartered Project Professional Part Four – Professional Practice and Advanced Technical Knowledge

Advanced Technical Knowlege

The Chartered Project Professional Standard requires that applicants demonstrate that they have ‘The required breadth of project experience to meet the requirements of ten mandatory and two elective competences and have an advanced technical knowledge and are able to confidently evaluate and analyse theory of current practices and methods’. Routes one and two permit you…

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Chartered Project Professional Part Three – Understand what needs to go into a project overview

Write you Chartered Project Professional Project Profiles

The Chartered Project Professional Standard requires that applicants provide a number of ‘project statements’ that they can use when describing their competency later in their application. It’s not altogether clear how many you should write up from the application guidance as some of the earlier narrative is a bit ambiguous. It is clarified later however and…

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APM Sets Out Plans for a Register of Chartered Project Professionals

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The roadmap towards a register of Chartered Project Professionals is becoming more clear. Work at the Association for Project Management (APM) on the development the proposed Chartered Standard is progressing well and the APM anticipate that this will be shortly going to public consultation. The APM has previously said that the current Registered Project Professional standard will…

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Updates to the APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) Standard

Project management mindset

APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) is an internationally recognised standard across all industries that recognises the ability to manage complex projects, programmes or portfolios, competent leadership and a commitment to continuing professional development (CPD). Anyone with the required level of experience in a project environment can achieve this standard by submitting a written portfolio of…

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Advancing Your Career in a New Profession

Advancing your career as a project management

Almost all businesses and organisations are now project-centric and either have an in-house project management capability or use external project management consultants. Projects are a major part of all business environments as organisations strive to improve their products in the high-tech landscape and streamline processes for better cost-efficiency. And where projects tend to be complex,…

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APM Royal Charter: Professional Recognition For Project Managers

APM granted royal charter

Project management is a challenging and exciting job but is used in different ways in many different industries. In the past it has maybe been difficult to explain that professional project management is not the same as just managing a one-off project in our everyday lives. For many years there have been professional qualifications and…

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