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15 Strategies To Improve Your Career As A Project Manager

better project manager

Project management is an increasingly popular career choice. However, it can also be very competitive, therefore having a strategy to make your project manager career the best it can be is a wise move. It is a profession which requires a whole host of skills to be honed and continually developed if it is to…

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Signs That You Need To Improve Your Leadership Skills

project team

A good leader is one that leads by example and always seeks to better him or herself. Discover some of the key signs that you need to improve your leadership skills. Many people believe that being a leader is something that comes naturally. While it is the case that some people have more innate leadership…

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Securing a Promotion as a Project Manager

be part of a successful project team

Do you feel like your career has hit a roadblock? Many people experience that moment at some point in their career when they feel like they are not progressing and cannot understand why they are not being considered for a promotion. Does this sound familiar? As a project manager, there are always ways for you…

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Working With A Global Project Team? Top Tips For Success

global project team

Nowadays, more and more businesses are going global and hiring remote workers. As a project manager, it is highly unlikely that your team is always going to be in your office. You may have another department overseas that you need to liaise with. You may also have a number of freelancers that work in different…

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Launching Your Career In Project Management

career in project management

Project management is a career choice that is in high demand today. More and more companies are looking for project managers to take their business to the next level, ensuring higher levels of quality while budget and time constraints are met and, in some cases, exceeded. Many larger organisations are so committed to improving their…

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Emotional Intelligence – A Project Manager’s Best Asset?

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Emotional Intelligence can be described as the capability to be aware of your emotions, knowing how to express them and control them effectively. It also involves being able to empathetically and judiciously handle interpersonal relationships. There have been a number of studies that have proven how critical Emotional Intelligence is to professional and personal success.…

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Do you have what it takes to become a project manager?

be part of a successful project team

Are you considering project management as a career? There are many project management training courses available to help you kick-start your career in this area and more recently there are now opportunities to begin your career via a higher apprenticeship in project management. However, you may be wondering if you have what it takes to…

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Managing Expectations As A Project Manager

managing expectations on a project

  Managing expectations is an important part of a project manager’s job role. Here we look at some simple ways to manage expectations in any project.   No matter how much project management training you have had, you will always come up against problems that need addressing in creative ways throughout your career – it’s…

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5 Ways to Improve your Delegation Skills

Professional Project Management Tips

Delegation is a key skill for a project manager but it is often very difficult to execute efficiently. Here are 5 ways to improve your delegation skills: Give Notice   You should never make assumptions with project management, ever. Your team members should be well organised and committed to achieving their objectives on time. If…

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