Parallel Development Process

Using the Parallel Development Process, we work closely with corporate clients to deliver training to meet the specific needs of your organisation and to deliver measurable business benefits.

To achieve these goals we follow four simple phases which can be scaled to your needs.

Discovery Phase

During this phase we use a wide range of diagnostic techniques to rapidly understand your culture and development opportunities.

Design Phase

During this phase we work in a highly collaborative and cooperative way to ensure the planned training is relevant and engaging.

Delivery Phase

Using the Parallel Learning System we use a combination of distance learning, e-learning, podcasts and workshops to deliver active learning to suit the different learning styles of your team. All this with the minimum of disruption to project delivery.

Evaluation Phase

We can help you evaluate the programme benefits for the individual and the organisation, using multiple assessments techniques.


Discovery Phase

This phase is optional but highly valuable for many organisations. To fully understand the needs of your organisation we can use some of the following techniques:

  • Rapid training needs workshop
  • One-to-one interviews with key staff
  • On-line benchmarking of knowledge
  • Bespoke on-line assessment

As always we will tailor these to meet your needs.

Our aim during this phase is to rapidly capture the learning objectives for the training course(s). The deliverables from this phase are updated course objectives and an outline design for your approval.

Design Phase

During the design phase we will work very closely with you and your team. This will ensure that the training style and contents meets your objectives and culture.

Before the pilot course, we conduct a "dry run" with key stakeholders, to ensure that the content, messages and delivery style meet your business objectives.

We use feedback from the dry run to modify the content, ready for the pilot course.

Design Phase First 'Live' Course Delivery

Our Parallel Development Process requires us to work closely with you to get the course objectives, material and look and feel right.

The first ‘live’ delivery of the course is critical to the process and the success of the training programme because not only do you, the client, have an opportunity for any last minute amendments and ‘tweaks’ but it gives that final assurance before roll out to other groups.

Delivery Phase

Using the Parallel Learning System, we use a wide range of media: distance learning, e-learning, podcasts and workshops to appeal to the preferred learning styles in your project management community. It also minimises disruption to the work place.

During programme delivery we stay in touch with you and your delegates to make sure the course is delivering benefits. We accomplish this by using action learning groups, personal action planning and post course forums. This supports delegates in the application of their new skills and behaviours in the work place.

Evaluation Phase

In addition to normal course feedback forms, we provide a wide range of tools for post course evaluation including:

  • web based surveys to measure application of the new skills and behaviours in the workplace
  • evaluation of benefits from completed action plans
  • feedback from action learning groups
  • evaluating performance indicators