APM PMQ Distance Learning Exam Prep

This APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) exam prep day and exam day is designed for those who have completed the APM PMQ distance learning course using the Parallel Learning System.

The exam prep includes a half day tutor-led revision session and the APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) exam in the afternoon. The day starts early, with a small tutor group looking at the format of the APM PMQ exam and how best to approach it.

The APM PMQ was formerly known as the APMP and the course content and exam remain the same as the original APMP exam.

Some time will be available to review some of the more challenging areas of the course such as Earned Value Analysis, Corporate Governance and Portfolio Management. Most of the session will be dedicated to understanding the best approach to the APM PMQ Exam (previously known as the APMP).

This APM PMQ exam prep module and exam is for those who have completed the Parallel APM PMQ Distance Learning Course. To have a reasonable chance of success in the exam you must have completed all of your self study before this session and completed several exam questions and posted your work on the Parallel Community of Practice for tutor review

Course Dates & Prices