APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) Classroom

An ideal introduction to project management for new project managers or those working in a project environment for the first time. This practical course will give you the skills to plan and control smaller projects. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be running all classroom courses as virtual online classes.


APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (APM PFQ) Topics Covered

Project Management in Context; during which we differentiate projects from non-projects, explore programme and portfolio management, the influence of the business and political context on project success, the critical role of the sponsor in project success and support that can be provided by a project office.

Planning and Strategy; including being clear how success will be measured from the outset, the influence of stakeholders on requirements, how that can (or cannot) be managed. Also in this section:

  • Preparing the project management plan
  • Understanding and managing risk
  • Planning, assuring and controlling quality
  • Managing health and safety

Executing the Strategy; including driving the project forward to a successful conclusion.

  • Defining and managing the delivery of benefits and achieving success criteria
  • Understanding how to analyse and manage stakeholders
  • Producing a project management plan
  • Carrying out project risk analysis
  • Defining and managing quality
  • Defining project scope and ways of understanding it including WBS, PBS
  • Producing a viable plan
  • Planning and managing key resources
  • Controlling change to the project
  • Managing project information and reporting
  • Managing and escalating project issues

Project Management Techniques; to make sure the project is fully understood and estimated fully including:

  • Estimating cost for completing the project using a number of methods
  • Configuration management to control changes to the design

Business and Commercial; to ensure the business case is robust and the supply chain is delivering value by including:

  • The purpose, role and ownership of the business case
  • Working with suppliers through the procurement cycle

Organisation and Governance; to ensure the business remains in control of the project including

  • Completing effective project handover and learning lessons from the project
  • Clearly defining roles and responsibilities for the project and business deliverables

People and the profession; to encourage effective and strong leadership.

  • Managing effective communications
  • Building a project team
  • Leading projects to success



The APM PFQ is designed for people who are new to project management or working in a project role. As such is has no pre-requisites. If you are new to project management we recommend you read the study guide and sample the e-learning before the course. In particular, the study guide includes a sample exam which will give you a feel for your knowledge gaps. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Describe a projects context and the relationship of this to the way in which the project is managed
  • Write usable project documentation including business cases and project plans
  • Describe the key components of a team and how a project manager might seek to manage them
  • Carry out a work breakdown of a project as the first component of planning
  • Produce a project plan
  • Carry out a risk analysis of a project
  • Describe ways in which projects can be monitored and controlled
  • Carry out a stakeholder analysis and describe ways in which they can be managed
  • Have sufficient knowledge to sit the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification

What is Included in the Course?

This course includes a comprehensive pre-course study package including:

  • Pre-course study guide
  • Online APM PFQ Exam
  • Full suite of PFQ podcasts
  • Online e-learning

What is the Course Like?

You will be working in a mixture of teams during the course, in both small and larger groups, undertaking interactive quizzes, buzz groups, exercises and engaging in debate. The course combines the principles of project management theory with practical exercises and realistic case studies. The class is not ‘death by PowerPoint’ you will be encouraged and expected to join in and contribute.

Various topics will be covered in the workshop with the intention of preparing you to be a better project manager in your organisation but also to sit the exam. You will find that you will be able to easily apply many of your new skills to your projects as soon as you return to work. In our follow up research (3 to 6 months after the course) 91% of respondents say that they learned new skills that they use in their current projects.

To do this the workshop will be focused on various topics from the syllabus in sections below.

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