APM PMQ 6-Week Virtual

Using an integrated approach, this APM-PMQ course gives you the ability to learn in your own way anytime anywhere. This is a virtual APM-PMQ programme delivered in six virtual live session with an experienced APM-PMQ trainer (using adobe connect) over a nine week period plus our distance learning package and a mock exam.

  • 02
    Monday 1:00pm - 3:00pm
    Session information
    Webinar 1: Introduction and overview of APM Approach
    Mon 02 Sep 13:00 - Mon 02 Sep 15:00
    Webinar 2: Governance, Communications, Leadership
    Mon 16 Sep 13:00 - Mon 16 Sep 15:00
    Webinar 3: Scope and Business Case
    Mon 23 Sep 13:00 - Mon 23 Sep 15:00
    Webinar 4: Scheduling
    Mon 30 Sep 13:00 - Mon 30 Sep 15:00
    Webinar 5: Risk, Issue, Quality and Procurement
    Mon 07 Oct 13:00 - Mon 07 Oct 15:00
    Mock Exam Deadline
    Mon 14 Oct 09:00 - Mon 14 Oct 09:15
    Webinar 6: Exam Prep
    Mon 21 Oct 13:00 - Mon 21 Oct 15:00
    Face-to-face Prep and Exam
    Fri 01 Nov 09:00 - Fri 01 Nov 17:00
    • £1,250.00 excl. VAT
  • 21
    8 weeks, Monday's 1:00pm - 3:00pm
    Session information
    Webinare 1: Introduction, APM PMQ exam, APM framework
    Mon 21 Oct 13:00 - Mon 21 Oct 15:00
    Webinare 2: Governance, Communications, Leadership
    Mon 28 Oct 13:00 - Mon 28 Oct 15:00
    Webinare 3: Scope Management, Planning for Success, Business case, Information management
    Mon 04 Nov 13:00 - Mon 04 Nov 15:00
    Webinare 4: Understanding Scheduling and Resource Management
    Mon 11 Nov 13:00 - Mon 11 Nov 15:00
    Webinare 5: Risk and Issue Management, Quality Management Project Procurement & issue mock exam
    Mon 18 Nov 13:00 - Mon 18 Nov 15:00
    Mock Exam Completion Deadline
    Mon 25 Nov 09:00 - Mon 25 Nov 09:15
    Webinare 6: Virtual exam prep
    Mon 02 Dec 13:00 - Mon 02 Dec 15:00
    Session 8Face-to-face exam prep and exam in London
    Fri 13 Dec 09:00 - Fri 13 Dec 17:00
    • £1,250.00 excl. VAT
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We have been offering this approach to corporate clients for a number of years and it has the following benefits over a traditional 5-day course.

  1. Less time out of the office.
  2. A weekly programme of learning with weekly homework and feedback.
  3. More time to study and absorb the course material.
  4. Very high pass rates in the APM-PMQ exam, with over 90% of candidates using this form of training passing.


Learning Outcomes

Learning Objectives – At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of project management to your project.
  • Confidently sit the APM Professional exam with a clear understanding of what is required to pass.
  • Explain the benefits of project management to you and your organisation.


None but 1-2 experience working in a project environment is helpful in preparing for the exam.  The course includes a comprehensive pre-course study pack. This means that if you are relatively new to project management you can prepare thoroughly for the course before you arrive. 

What is Included in the Course?

We will support you all the way during your course with the following materials.

  1. Five weekly 2 hour webinars to cover the theory.
  2. Four sets of homework marked by the course tutor.
  3. A mock exam (5 from 8 questions) which is also marked by the course tutor.
  4. An online exam prep session after the mock exam.
  5. A face-to-face exam prep and exam day with your tutor.
  6. The exam fees, which can be taken at the British Council for candidates outside the UK. For this, the British Council charge a small additional invigilation fee. 
  7. Our highly acclaimed printed study guide is published in partnership with The Association for Project Management. It is the definitive textbook for preparing for the APM Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ).
  8. Eight online e-learning modules which are closely integrated with the study guide.
  9. A wide range of MP3 audio podcasts available direct on iTunes or from the Parallel Website

What is the Course Like?

Many people find that the weekly sessions supported by marked homework and a mock exam are a highly beneficial way to study the APM PMQ. Especially is they have busy lives, are unable to travel or are based outside the UK. 

To get the best from this course you will need to set aside 4-5 hours a week to complete self study and do the home work.