APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) Classroom – Aspect Partner

The APM Project Management Qualification is designed for those who see project management as a key part of their role. It establishes a solid foundation in project management behaviours, skills, processes and tools in any industry. This course is delivered by one of our ASPECT partners. For more details of what being an ASPECT member means, see https://www.aspect-association.com/


 The APM Project Management Qualification was formerly known as the APM and is designed for those who see project management as a key part of their role. It establishes a solid foundation in project management behaviours, skills, processes and tools in any industry. It is ideal for those, with a few years’ experience in project delivery, who are seeking to consolidate a structured method of project management in their company with a best-practice approach from the Association for Project Management.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understanding the context in which projects are delivered including the effect of programmes and portfolios.
  • Understands the governance arrangments for projects. 
  • Preparing a business case for a project.
  • Preparing a project management plan.
  • Plan and manage project communications.
  • Understand the approaches to leadership and management.
  • Understand scope management.
  • Planning a project including preparing a project management plan.
  • Prepare project schedules, resource plans and budgets. 
  • Review and manage project risks
  • Manage project quality. 
  • Plan and execute project procurement. 
  • Confidently sit the APM Professional exam with a clear understanding of what is required to pass.
  • Explain the benefits of project management to you and your organisation.

Payment Options

We offer multiple options for payment;

1. Credit / Debit Card

2. Payment via invoice. During checkout for your course, select 'Offline Payment'. You will then receive an invoice from which you can pay. If you wish to add a Purchase Order number to your order, please enter this when prompted at checkout.


None but 1-2 experience working in a project environment is helpful in preparing for the exam.  The course includes a comprehensive pre-course study pack. This means that if you are relatively new to project management you can prepare thoroughly for the course before you arrive. 

What is Included in the Course?

This five day training course includes a fantastic pre-course learning package with the following five main components;

  1. High quality APMP exam study guide which explains in simple terms the APM Body of Knowledge in easy to read language, including sample exam questions, and helpful templates for use for free. This study guide is delivered once you book the course so that you can start you preparation.
  2. Seven APM accredited e-learning modules which integrate seamlessly with the study guide, following the same study structure page by page.
  3. Multiple MP3 podcasts to listen to on your media player again integrated with the study guide, covering all the hot topics for the APMP Exam
  4. Online interactive support from your learning cohort, via our tutor moderated forum.
  5. 5-day project management training course including the APMP exam. The course is led by a fully qualified and project management experienced tutor.

What is the Course Like?

Candidates find courses are highly interactive with lots of exercises, discussions, events, buzz groups and examples to bring the subject of project management to life. You will get plenty of opportunity to practice exam questions with constructive feedback from your course tutor. For our public courses we use high class training venues with excellent transport links. Our public courses include a full 5-day programme with Friday morning dedicated to final exam prep with your course tutor and the exam on Friday afternoon.