ChPP Programme


APM ChPP is the ‘gold standard’ for project management worldwide. It is intended for those who wish to demonstrate their competent leadership and an ability to successfully manage highly complex projects, programmes and portfolios. For project professionals, achieving ChPP is the pinnacle of the career.

As part of the application you are required to show Advanced Technical Knowledge and Understanding and Professional Practice of 10 of the 11 mandatory competencies and two from the list of elective competencies. It is expected that candidates at this level may have had some form of formal project management training to a level of IPMA Level D, APM-PMQ, PMI PMP, Prince 2 or similar.

To achieve ChPP you will need to show you are competent against a number of competencies, adopt an ethical approach and have the requisite professional practice to draw on. To help you along this, Parallel have created a self-paced eLearning course to help you navigate Route 3 of the application.

Topics Covered

1. Introduction to the APM Chartered Standard

2. CPD and Ethics

3. Writing Project Overviews

4. Technical Knowledge and Professional Practice

5. Writing professional practice statement


We are taking candidates from all of the APM routes.

ChPP is for anyone that meets all of the following criteria:

  • having a proven track record delivering projects, programmes, portfolios or a key control or enabling function
  • having up-to-date knowledge of current practices and methods
  • being actively involved in the project profession

Parallel are not responsible for ensuring you have the desired experience and knowledge to pass the APM ChPP standard. This is something you must consider yourself before signing up for the course.

For more information on the different routes, and the application requirements, please follow this link;