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    Ben Jones

    Identify: The first step is to identify which stakeholders are relevant to your project. In a new project you might have to do this from scratch and use techniques such as looking at company org charts, speaking to colleagues, looking at websites etc…  If you are in an organization familiar to you then you may be able to identify the majority of stakeholders youself.

    Assess:  Next you must assess which stakeholders are the most important and which ones can have the most impact, either negatively or positively on your project.  You can use a Stakeholder Management Grid which allows you to position stakeholders according to their power and interest, and whether they are for or against the project.  Those stakeholders with the high power and high interest are the most important stakeholders to manage.

    Plan:  Next you have to plan how to communicate with them and what the best methods could/would be to influence them.  This should be documented in the communication plan and/or a stakeholder management strategy. 

    Execute:  Execute the activities based on your plan and then assess whether this has gone to plan.  If this doesn’t initially work then try a different method

    Reasses and re-plan:  Reassess the attitudes and position of your stakeholders on a regular basis and update your stakeholder management plan and approach appropriately.


    Alan Andrews

    In addition to the Power & Influence grid (Stakeholder management grid) you can also create a stakeholder action plan for the planning process. Using a cross reference chart with the headings as follows:

    | Stakeholder | Attitude | Motivation | Actions

    In your grid you have ..champions, blockers, detractors & supporters

    Identify the stakeholder … is he or she a champion, blocker,detractor or supporter ? then list under a stakeholder action plan

    | Stakeholder | Attitude | Motivation | Actions
    | .. what motivates this Stakeholders| + or -? | What actions will benefit the stakeholder influence| action

    Hope this helps and does not confuse


    Paul Naybour

    @ben Good anwer, remember to include 2-3 sentences in each paragraph and an example if possible.

    @Alan a stakeholder action plan would be called a communications plan, it’s a bit of a cross over areas between stakeholder management and communications areas of the sylibus,

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