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    Adam Williams
    Describe five key activities that a project office may
    1) Administrative support and guidance such as
    filing and management of documents. These include assisting with the change
    control procedure. Assisting with risk and issue paperwork. Supporting the
    project manager during absences.
    2) Collection of reports and analysis of project
    information. Such as timesheets and any other reports that the project manager
    may require. Sit in on workshops to help gather information such as risk. For
    example, whilst the project manager is working on another project, a member of
    project support attends a risk workshop and is informed of a new risk. He can
    then pass this on to the project manager who can take the appropriate action.
    3) Where the PMO has expertise in project
    management fields. This will ensure that project managers are mentored and
    coached in the various tools and techniques. For example an expert in risk
    management can ensure project managers are running their risk workshops in the
    most effective manner.
    4) Continuous improvement. Ensuring that lessons
    are captured and made available across the organisation. For example, whilst
    building a new railway, a track laying team discover a more efficient way of
    laying their track. If this is passed on to the rest of the organisation, it
    may well mean the project can complete ahead of schedule.
    5) Centre of Excellence. To act as a centre not only for strategic implementation of projects, but for the portfolio too. This can also be called the EPMO or Enterprise Project Management Office.

    Paul Naybour

    Point 5 lacks detail to get the marks, the rest look ok.



    Hello Paul, do this mean that project managers can seek for a mentor and get coached at the Project Office. Can you please explain this idea further? thank you


    Paul Naybour

    Yes quite often the PMO can provide coaching and mentoring to the project managers, although this can be in conflict with any project assurance roles.



    Thank you Paul but what do you mean exactly by assurance roles?


    Paul Naybour

    The PMO will often audit the project to check it is compliant with process and procedure.

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