APM Registered Project Professional Workshop


APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) is a pan-sector standard that demonstrates responsible leadership and the competences necessary for project, programme or portfolio management. It is available to anyone, from any professional background, with relevant experience of managing others in a project environment. The recently refreshed standard has two new key features:

  • Alignment to the APM Competence Framework 2nd edition
  • An additional route recognising achievement of the APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) or APM Practitioner Qualification (PQ)

You may apply to become an APM Registered Project Professional, whether you are a member of APM or not. If you are successful, as well as being awarded the designation, you will become a Full member of APM.

This is an extended programme delivered face to face and through remote or face to face coaching with the intention of preparing a candidate for their RPP submission.

Registered Project Professional (RPP)

Who Is It Suitable For?

The RPP application process is designed to build a comprehensive picture of the candidate as a competent project professional. It assumes that a competent project professional requires a sufficient breadth of technical knowledge, the practical competence to apply that knowledge, and a commitment to continuing professional development and ethical practice. This needs to be demonstrated in one of two ways;

A candidate already in possession of the APM Practitioner Qualification or the APM Project Professional Qualification who need only demonstrate the application of knowledge and candidates without the above qualifications who will need to provide evidence of knowledge as well as application.

This programme will be suitable for both categories for those with APM-PQ or APM-PPQ some aspects will be useful revision for those without it will outline the knowledge aspects necessary.

What Is Covered?

Stage One (Written Application) Support - One Day workshop

During the initial one day face to face workshop there will be an overview and coaching on the application process including consideration (as pre-reading) of the application form and review of the principal background information such as:

  • A record of employment history
  • A brief overview of two or more projects/programmes/portfolios that will be used as evidence. The majority of these need to be within the last seven years. The applicant will be required to describe their accountabilities, including their role in managing others and responsible leadership, and how the projects/programmes/portfolios demonstrate the following characteristics
  • Demonstration of working with uncertainty or conflicting objectives
  • Dealing with high severity risks or high levels of unpredictability.
  • Managing multiple work packages/projects/programmes.
  • Engagement with multiple, interdependent stakeholders, possibly with competing interests.
  • A record of 35 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from the previous 12 months.
  • Details of two referees

In addition the initial workshop will cover the various questions posed in the application process which cover the following areas:-

  • Planning the project, programme or portfolio
  • Managing stakeholders and communications
  • Managing the project, programme, portfolio or key control function
  • Inspiring and motivating others through effective leadership
  • Managing teams and developing staff

Consideration of these areas will be made bearing in mind the need to demonstrate Knowledge and Application. Fr application, work groups will be used to explore each of the group’s strengths and weaknesses. These sessions will be followed by a brief exploration of the knowledge aspects of each and where alternative strategies may be considered. The knowledge elements are by their nature foreshortened and will provide a high level description rather seek to achieve a detailed level of understanding.

Stage One (Written Application) Support - Follow-On Coaching

After the initial workshop the programme adopts a personal one to one approach. Each learner will be provided with a qualified RPP coach, someone who understands the process fully and is able to provide support and guidance in the preparation of the application. This can happen either remotely or in person and face to face. The time allowed for this is approximately one half day per person. This may be undertaken individually or as part of a larger group on a webinar basis or perhaps over the telephone to support those candidates who work remotely, have time or domestic restrictions on travel or would prefer that approach.

The objective is to arrive at a completed application pack for each candidate suitable for presentation to the APM. It must be stressed that the coaches cannot actually suggest content but can advise on the suitability of the content written by the applicant. Further coaching can be made available on an individual basis at extra cost.

Stage Two (Written Application) Support – One Day Interview Coaching

For candidates who have had a successful outcome from the Stage One process there will be a follow up workshop to prepare the candidate for the stage two interviews. This will include a checklist of preparation and during the one day session candidates will be coached on how to develop their interviewing skills around the material they have presented. Candidates will be invited to interview each other and to provide feedback. A short presentation on effective feedback will be provided as part of the session.

Candidates that have been unsuccessful will have the option of undertaking a further coaching session to review the feedback and determine the best way forward, whether to resubmit immediately or consider accumulating more experience or evidence to re-apply in the future.

Course Dates & Prices

PRINCE2® Practitioner

23 April @ 09:00 - 27 April @ 17:00
New London House, London

PRINCE2® Practitioner

30 April @ 09:00 - 4 May @ 17:00
New London House, London

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification – 2 Days

9 May @ 09:00 - 10 May @ 17:00
Regus House, Milton Keynes

PRINCE2® Practitioner

14 May @ 09:00 - 18 May @ 17:00
New London House, London