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From beginner’s guides to breakdowns of advanced topics, our blog covers key project management topics. These can supplement your learning on one of our project management training courses, or provide a starting point for your own project management learning.

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Project Risk: A Beginner’s Guide

15th December 2023

Risks will be present on every project. As a project manager, we need to understand what a risk is, what […]

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Project management scheduling tips

The Project Schedule: A Beginner’s Guide

17th November 2023

Introduction Prior to starting our project, we need to set out the project schedule. This is the intended timeline for […]

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project scope tips

Project Scope: A Beginner’s Guide

6th August 2023

Introduction Project scope can be defined as all of the work that will be undertaken and products that will be […]

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revising for APM Exam

Free Simulated Exams for the New APM PMQ Parallel Project Training

5th June 2024

Hello. My name’s Paul Naybour from Parallel Project Training. We’re really excited about the relaunch of the APM PMQ qualification […]

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assessment of a failing project - details on computer screen

Rescuing a Failing Project: Strategies for Success

24th May 2024

As project managers, we all know the value of extra resources – if only we had that extra time in […]

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people discussing resource control

A new exam format for the APM PMQ

23rd May 2024

Say goodbye to long essays! The new APM PMQ exam features multiple-choice questions, short answers, and more. More accessible, flexible, […]

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Golden Thread event photo

APM Golden Thread Report 2024

21st May 2024

Project management profession contributes £186bn to UK economy after £30bn five-year growth – APM Golden Thread Report 2024 A new […]

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project manager discussing progress with team

Using The Praxis Framework For A Project Management Method

15th May 2024

The Praxis Framework provides the project manager with a structured approach when it comes to their project, program, and portfolio […]

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Leadership in project crisis situations

Change Management in Crisis Situations: Navigating Uncertainty and Disruption

10th May 2024

A quick glance at the news on any given day will give a clear indication of just how much uncertainty, […]

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project manager reviewing requirements to understand stakeholder needs

Understanding Stakeholder Needs – A Comprehensive Guide

8th May 2024

Part of being a good project manager is understanding stakeholder needs and wants. However, project management is a constant learning […]

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Project manager communicating project budget information

Communicating Project Budget Information to Stakeholders

15th April 2024

When it comes to communicating project budget information effectively to your stakeholders, including executives, clients and of course your team […]

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project manager discussing progress with team

Tracking and Monitoring Project Expenses

2nd April 2024

Many project managers will tell you that the worst part of project planning is budgeting. However, this is an essential […]

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team motivation

When Is “agile” Not “Agile”? Clearing Up The Confusion

15th March 2024

Anyone involved in project management will be familiar with the term “Agile”. It is front and centre of many a […]

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project managers studying on APM training course

Podcast Transcript: APM PPQ Provide visionary leadership for a project.

8th March 2024

“Hello. Welcome to another Parallel Project Training Podcast. I’m Paul Naybour, and with me is Tom O’Shea. We’re working through […]

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Podcast Transcript

Podcast: APM PPQ: 5. Deliver the intended benefits of a project.

31st January 2024

The podcast featuring Paul Naybour and Tom O’Shea offers a comprehensive exploration of benefits management within project governance. The dialogue, […]

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