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Virtual Bok7 Project Management Qualification (PMQ)

So, Bok7 is here, and we’re still running virtual courses for APM PMQ due to COVID-19 and you want to know what the format of your course will be in the virtual world, below is some information on how it will work in practice. Why has my class gone virtual? In case you haven’t seen […]

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Virtual Bok7 Project Fundamental Qualification (PFQ)

So, Bok7 is here, and we’re still running virtual APM PFQ courses due to COVID-19 and you want to know what the format of your course will be in the virtual world, below is some information on how it will work in practice. Why has my class gone virtual? In case you haven’t seen the […]

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How to Pass Your Project Management Course with Flying Colours

Whether you already work in the field of project management or are looking at this as a new direction for your career, you will undoubtedly have come across the wide range of project management courses you could study. For many people, particularly those who are already undertaking a role successfully in the workplace it can […]

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A complete guide to project scope

Defining the scope of your project clearly will help you to effectively manage stakeholder expectations, ensuring that all of the elements of the project are aligned with the objectives, therefore, increasing the chances of your project being a success. Because of this, the project scope is a critical part of project management to understand. Read […]

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Parallel Are Delighted To Welcome a New Member To Their Growing Team

The Parallel Project Training team recently welcomed Rob Marriott as the new Director of Project Management. He joins the team following 14 years at two major global consulting firms: PA Consulting Group and Arcadis, where he was involved in a variety of Learning & Development roles. Career Highlights So Far Rob spent the first 8 […]

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A Guide to Quality Management in Project Management

It does not matter what sort of project you are working on; the importance of quality management is something we cannot underestimate. Whether you’re heading up a construction project or bringing a product to market, or even switching to a new technology, quality really does matter. Effective project quality management makes sure that your team […]

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A Guide to Benefits Management in Project Management

Whenever we embark on a project, there are benefits that we want to achieve. Benefits management is the process of identifying, defining, planning, tracking, and realising these benefits. It is all about making sure that you extract benefits from the outputs and outcomes of your project. With that being said, continue reading to discover everything […]

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The Definitive Guide to Learning Lessons in Project Management

There are various ways in which we learn lessons long after our project management training course has ended. During the course of a career in project management, no matter what field you’re in, it’s important to understand where these lessons come from, and how they can help us become a better project management. Here, we […]

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The Definitive Guide to Stakeholders in Project Management

Part of the role of project manager involves communicating with a wide range of individuals for the duration of the project. These individuals could include new members of the team to more experienced team members. It could also include people from suppliers to stakeholders. In this guide to stakeholders we look at why it is […]

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Comparison of the Different Types of Project Management Office (PMO).

The different types of project management office (PMO) is one of the new topics introduced as part of the 7th Edition of the APM Body of Knowledge. These different types of PMO can cause confusion for many candidates for the APM qualifications, most specifically the APM Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ). In this post, I […]

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Effective Time Management – The Basics

This post was updated on 16th August 2021 Learning the art of good time management is the key to success in any career. But perhaps it is more so for anyone who is involved in project management. As any project manager knows it is easy to fill your schedule with events and tasks, but it […]

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Project Management Procurement – The Definitive Guide

When it comes to project management, there are a range of different areas that the project manager will need to oversee. These include the planning of the project, working with the project team and, of course, any procurement that is necessary for the project. Project procurement is a very interesting area of any project. However, […]

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How do we learn? Top tips on using your learning style to your advantage

As with many sectors, most project managers undertake qualifications and examinations to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their subject. For some, the practice of revising and writing in an exam setting may be quite daunting and not suit their learning style. So just how do we learn effectively and what’s the best way to […]

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Arcadis and Parallel Collaborate to launch a Project Controls Academy Open to any Project Controls Professional

Overview Project Controls is a vital discipline to support the delivery of complex major projects and programmes. Arcadis and Parallel have come together to develop and launch the Arcadis Project Controls Academy. Based on the APMG Project Planning and Control™ qualification, this course is delivered by practising project controls professionals. The training will go beyond […]

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The Key To Successful Project Management

A project could be something as relatively simple as designing a new kitchen, through to creating a new website to building your dream house. Or, it might even involve relocating an entire company overseas. Projects crop up in our personal life and in almost all areas of business and industry on a regular basis, but […]

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Defining project success

Feeling like you’ve done a great job on a project is not quite enough. In order for a project to be officially a success, it must meet a set of ‘success criteria’ as set out by the project stakeholders and manager. In order for a project to be proven a success, these criteria must be […]

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Would You Spot The Warning Signs of a Failing Project?

It would be good to think that a professional project manager could spot the warning signs of a project headed for failure but the sheer number of projects that fail to deliver on their promises, timescales or costs indicates that many project managers are not as good at spotting problems as they would like to […]

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The Definitive Guide to Project Leadership

The secret to success is great leadership, and this has never been more important than in the field of project management. A great leader is someone who isn’t afraid to actively get involved in the work that is needed for a project. They do this rather than sitting in their office handing out orders and […]

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Are You a Good Communicator?

All project managers know that communication skills form the backbone of their ability to succeed in their roles. With communication channels spidering out from your project in all directions, to stakeholders, team members, managers and more, it makes sense to ensure you excel when it comes to communication skills. Being a project manager means being […]

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11 Reasons To Love Being A Project Manager

If you’ve lost your enthusiasm for project management and need reminding of all the reasons you started this career in the first place, these 11 reasons should help you. As a PM, there are probably plenty of reasons you can list as to why you love your job. To have a job that is so […]

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