11 Reasons To Love Being A Project Manager

tools for project management

If you’ve lost your enthusiasm for project management and need reminding of all the reasons you started this career in the first place, these 11 reasons should help you. As a PM, there are probably plenty of reasons you can list as to why you love your job. To have a job that is so…

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Chartered Project Professional Part Four – Knowledge, Professional Practice and Advanced Knowledge

Advanced Technical Knowlege

The Chartered Project Professional Standard requires that applicants demonstrate that they have ‘The required breadth of project experience to meet the requirements of ten mandatory and two elective competences and have an advanced technical knowledge and are able to confidently evaluate and analyse theory of current practices and methods’. Routes one and two permit you…

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The A to Z of project management terminology

Project management is one of the rare type of careers in which you can work in any sector of business, from finance and software development to construction and retail. Every type of business requires good project managers and large organisations of every kind understand the advantages of project management. If you are considering it as…

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Chartered Project Professional Part Two – Understand what needs to go into a project overview

Write you Chartered Project Professional Project Profiles

The Chartered Project Professional Standard requires that applicants provide a number of ‘project statements’ that they can use when describing their competency later in their application. It’s not altogether clear how many you should write up from the application guidance as some of the earlier narrative is a bit ambiguous. It is clarified later however and…

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Quick Project Management Tips

quick project management tips

Most project managers will choose to work towards professional accreditation or even chartered status, and also engage in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) throughout their career. So they will undertake training in all forms, traditional classroom based courses, workshops, distance learning or e-learning. Training will cover best practise and help you develop your project management skills…

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Working With A Global Project Team? Top Tips For Success

global project team

Nowadays, more and more businesses are going global and hiring remote workers. As a project manager, it is highly unlikely that your team is always going to be in your office. You may have another department overseas that you need to liaise with. You may also have a number of freelancers that work in different…

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