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Virtual Bok7 Project Management Qualification (PMQ)

Added: 4th May 2020 Read More

Virtual Bok7 Project Fundamental Qualification (PFQ)

Added: 4th May 2020 Read More

Taking your APM PFQ or PMQ Exam Online

Added: 5th April 2020 Read More

How to recover a project that has gone off course

Added: 29th October 2020 Read More

5 common project planning techniques to work on

Added: 26th October 2020 Read More

What technical, soft and hard skills do you need in project management?

Added: 22nd October 2020 Read More

Improving time estimation as a project manager

Added: 19th October 2020 Read More

Business projects affected by Coronavirus – what has been the impact?

Added: 14th October 2020 Read More

Deployment baselines for linear and agile projects

Added: 30th September 2020 Read More

Knowing which specific skills to use, and when, as a project manager

Added: 29th September 2020 Read More

Project at risk of being derailed? Here’s the solution

Added: 25th September 2020 Read More

Virtual PMQ Training – 5-day course or 6-week course?

Added: 23rd September 2020 Read More

5 more solutions to avoid project hurdles

Added: 22nd September 2020 Read More

5 solutions to avoid project obstacles

Added: 18th September 2020 Read More

Crisis management techniques for project managers

Added: 15th September 2020 Read More

Living in a VUCA Project Environment?

Added: 9th September 2020 Read More

Virtual Training: Six Months On

Added: 4th September 2020 Read More

Gantt charts for beginners

Added: 20th August 2020 Read More

Quick wins for project managers

Added: 18th August 2020 Read More

Why project management matters

Added: 17th August 2020 Read More

Project Manager Salaries in the UK

Added: 14th August 2020 Read More