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What careers can the APM PPC lead to?

For anyone who is looking to become an effective project planner, the Association for Project Management (APM) approach to Project Planning and Control™ (PPC) is an essential course that can help you fully understand all the tools and processes needed for this role and other related careers where APM PPC accreditation is valuable. The training […]

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A breakdown of your project benefits management plan

A benefits management plan is designed to explain the different benefits of any project area and, perhaps more importantly, how and when they might be delivered. This is done through the inclusion of the following: Different types of benefits A benefits management plan will look at the two types of benefits, both tangible and intangible. […]

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Carmen Campos achieves Chartered Project Professional (APM ChPP) Status

Huge congratulations to Carmen Campos, one of the Parallel Project Training trainers, who recently became a Chartered Project Professional. She had her ChPP interview on the 31st January 2023 and was awarded chartered status on the 22nd February 2023. The APM ChPP is a prestigious award, which requires hard work and commitment to achieve. There […]

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One woman’s experience of gaining Chartered Project Professional status

Congratulations to Carmen Campos, one of the Parallel Project Training  trainers, who recently became a Chartered Project Professional. The APM ChPP is a prestigious award, which requires hard work and commitment to achieve. There are only around 500 people worldwide who have earned this accreditation so Carmen truly deserves our congratulations. I spoke to her recently […]

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10 Powerful Tips for IT Project Managers

For most leaders and most industries, project management skills are absolutely essential, and never more so than for leaders in tech related industry roles. It is often the case that a tech team will be juggling several projects at the same time, communicating with a range of stakeholders and dealing with different priorities and deadlines. […]

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Overcoming project barriers for website project managers

As any project manager will tell you, when you work with a group of individuals there are always project barriers or obstacles involved. It can be very difficult to work with a diverse group of people and give them the right leadership to work together as a cohesive team. Although it is easy to learn […]

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7 Powerful Tips for Project Managers in the Digital Marketing Industry

Whilst professional project managers may be strong in their own field and know which project management processes and procedures to use to deliver successful projects, when it comes to digital marketing knowledge, they might benefit from a little help. It isn’t essential to have industry experience to be a successful project manager in that industry […]

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Managing A Remote Project Team

Managing a project team is difficult enough, but when you have to contend with your team members being geographically dispersed, it becomes even more difficult. Not only do you have all of the challenges that you typically face during a project, for example, scope creep, not having the best remote work tools and managing client […]

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Solutions to avoid barriers to productivity & progress on your next project

For any project manager there is always a possibility of barriers to productivity or progress. These are things that can pose a serious threat not only to your project success but also to the team morale. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions that can help you and here are 10 of our favourite solutions. Ensure […]

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Our Approach to Developing Bespoke Project Management Training

In a bespoke project management training course, it is crucial to ensure that the training programmes are specifically targeted towards meeting the needs of the business. Through the years, we have developed a structured development process that works closely with our corporate clients to deliver training that caters to their unique requirements and delivers measurable […]

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10 Powerful Tips for Project Managers in the Construction Industry

It is widely believed that the execution of construction projects can be one of the most time-consuming processes for any project manager. Construction projects can stretch from just a few months to several years depending on a range of factors. These can include, but are not limited to, the size of the construction project, the […]

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Project errors and pitfalls and how to avoid them

Some project errors are obvious but there are many that companies do not realise they are making and it is these errors that could jeopardise any chance a project has of success. The big question is are you making any of these errors in your project? Project plans lack sufficient detail A project management plan […]

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Difference Between Risk Management And Issue Management?

Updated 7th September 2023 Project managers often use the terms risk management and issue management interchangeably. In many industries, buzzwords and talk are a big part of project management where investors and directors are looking for answers and updates at each stage. However, this can lead to a novice project manager or project manager apprentice […]

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APM PMQ Exam Questions & Tips

Here are some more topics to consider when studying for the APM PMQ Exam

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A Guide to Project Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Control

“Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Control – The Practical Project Management of Time, Cost and Risk” is the APM’s guide that lays out a practical and comprehensive approach that is useful for project control in a range of industries. This is where you will find the practical terms for the recommended best practice when it comes […]

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Quality management tips and tricks you need to know

When it comes to creating your quality management plan, one of the most important things that you need to think about is who will be the person with the responsibility for quality management. Usually, this is the role of the project manager. However, this decision may depend on the type of project you are working […]

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Risk management tips when planning and executing your project

Risk management in project management is the concept of identifying, evaluating and mitigating the project risks that could possibly have an impact on the desired outcome of the project. Typically, it is the role of the project manager to oversee the risk management process from start to finish of a project. Here are some risk […]

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Scheduling a project – what elements should you include?

The project plan is an essential first step that any project manager needs to take. They do so in order to set out everything that will need to be undertaken in order to reach all the goals of the project. It is important that when scheduling a project the plan is as detailed as possible […]

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