APM Project Professional Qualification

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    3 Days training for £900 (plus VAT)

  • APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) Feature

    Based on the new 2nd Edition

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    Builds on the APM Project Management Qualification

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    Leads to Full Membership of the APM and Chartered Project Professional route 1

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification
What's covered...
Gain a broad understanding of project management.

Learn the importance of professionalism and managing others

Learn the principles of project management.

Learn the fundamentals of governance in project management

No prior knowledge or experience is required.

Gain a thorough understanding of project planning and control

3 Hour Exams 3
Must Pass

Scenario assessment, oral exam and a written report.

What is The APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)?

If you already work in the project management field then you will have heard of the suite of professionally recognised qualifications from the UK-based Association for Project Management (APM). These professional project management qualifications cover a range of different experience levels from the novice project manager up to those with many years' experience managing complex projects who can achieve Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) status.

Build on your existing knowledge

The APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ), from the Association for Project Management (APM), builds on the knowledge gained in the APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ). It leads to direct entry as a full member of the Association for Project Management (MAPM). APM PPQ is also a recognised assessment route for Chartered Project Professional (ChPP). This means that with the APM PPQ, you demonstrate your up-to-date knowledge of current practices and methods of project management. As such, you can follow route 1 (professional practice, CPD and ethics) to Chartered Status. 

Demonstrate your project management capabilities

The APM Project Professional Qualification (APM PPQ) version 2 (updated August 2020) incorporates a mix of tools, techniques, processes and skills that demonstrate candidates project management achievements, and the APM PPQ specifically assesses capability in delivering projects, programmes and portfolios. It is an assessment that covers both general and specific skills that professionals require across all areas of project management. It sits as a new qualification at a higher level than the APM Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ) (formerly the APMP) and below the gold standard Chartered Project Professional status.

  • Features

    Gain a qualification that recognises your knowledge of how to apply project management professionally. 

  • Features

    Be able to demonstrate professional application of the principle of project management, including:

    • Provide visionary leadership for a project.
    • Establish and develop high-performimg project teams
    • Approach conflict in a positive and constructive way.
    • Use structured problem solving to resolve difficulties.
    • Take effective decisions to support project delivery. 
    • Adopt different strategies to communicate with stakeholders.
    • Approach stakeholders and negotiation in line with the interest of the project.
    • Align the project governance structure to organisational practice
    • Maintain control of the project. 
    • Implement an effective change control process. 
    • identify and track the benefits of the project.
    • Adopt a structured approach to managing the budget and actual cost for the project. 
    • Manage risk to maximise opportunities and reduce threats. 
    • Manage issues in a proactive and effective way. 
    • Prepare and apply a project management plan for the delivery of the project. 
  • Features

    Be ready to apply for full membership of the APM (MAPM) by the direct route.

  • Features

    Have a recognised qualification they enable you to apply for Chartered Project Professional by following route 1.

Downloadable Content

To help you decide whether the PPQ is the right course for you


The course is divided into three modules. Each module includes:

Module 1 - Effective leadership and management

1. Providing effective leadership for the project by providing vision and direction.

2. Establishing and developing and manage project teams.

3. Resolving conflict between different individuals in the team and stakeholders.

4. Adopt a structured and logical approach to problem solving.

5. Make decisions in a way that supports the project objectives.

6. Manage stakeholders, taking account of their differing levels of influence and of their particular interests.

7. Negotiating effectively with different key players and stakeholder groups. 

Module 2 - Governance

1. Establish and maintain structures that define clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for the governance and delivery of change initiatives, and that align with organisational practice.

2. Establish and manage reviews which will inform governance of the change initiatives, by providing evaluations of progress, methodologies and continuing relevance.

3. Establish protocols to alter change initiatives, implementing the protocols when necessary, and updating configuration documentation.

4. Manage the project to deliver the intended benefits.

Module 3 - Planning and control

1. Prepare and baseline budgets for projects and control actual costs and forecast costs against the budge

2. Proactively manage the risk associated with projects including identification, evaluation, planning responses and implementation of those responses.

3. Manage issues that arise during the project in a proactive way.

4. Prepare a consolidated plan that covers the scope, resources, risk, budgets, issues and quality criteria for a project.

How can I study and What is included?

    We are offering our PPQ course via a 3 day virtual training programme. This is supported by our own PPQ study guide and provision of sample scenario questions, as we aim to provide everything you need to pass your PPQ assessment. We design all of our courses to cater for a wide range of learning styles, and aim to provide a variety of learning resources.

  • Features

    A 3-day, 12 webinar, tutor led course in which you will work through the syllabus and sample case study, evaluating the techniques used to prepare you for your assessment.

  • Features

    A hard copy of our PPQ study guide, written by Parallel Project Training and designed to guide you through everything required for the PPQ

  • Features

    Sample scenario questions and answers.

What does the PPQ assessment involve?

The APM PPQ assessment is built up of three parts;

  • A scenario task, where you will play the role of the project manager in a pre-seen case study situation. A typical task might be negotiating a change request with stakeholders or presenting a progress report to senior management. The assessors will play the role of the stakeholders

  • An oral assessment during which you will answer questions about the pre-seen case study. So, for example, "critically analyses the approached to leadership in this case study".

  • A written report where you will be asked more in-depth questions such as "preparing a brief report, for senior management, on the governance structures used in a project" on a pre-seen case study 

Our PPQ package does not include the assessment fees. To book your PPQ assessment you will need to contact the APM directly, or visit the APM at apm.org.uk/qualifications-and-training/project-professional-qualification-ppq/

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Technical Requirements and Compatibility

Our e-Learning webinars are conducted via Adobe Connect. Upon registering for your course, you will be sent a link to the meeting room. You can access the Adobe meeting room either through your browser or by downloading the Adobe Connect App. We recommend you download the App to access the meeting room as we have found this enables a more stable connection. You are invited to enable your webcam and microphone in order for the tutoring sessions to be 2 way and more engaging.