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Parallel Project Training specialise in project management training and development. We can provide off-the-shelf certification training or bespoke courses tailored to your organisations requirements. We work with organisations large and small to improve project management capability. We are based in Reading and offers highly flexible and cost effective approaches to project management training. These case studies represent just a small selection of Parallel’s clients in the heritage, defence, transportation, construction and IT sectors.

Unlocking the Power of Engineering

How Tony Gee’s Innovative Project Management Training is Transforming the Future of Engineering Design Consultancy Tony Gee is an engineering design consultancy that prides itself on excellent technical design in the rail, highways, marine and energy sectors. The majority of Tony Gee’s almost 600  staff are based in the UK with other offices in Hong […]

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Oxford Policy Management

Synopsis: Oxford Policy Management (OPM) is an international development consultancy which aims to help low- and middle-income countries achieve growth and reduce poverty and disadvantage through public policy reform. OPM is rolling out a new project management training programme for staff across a range of project-related roles to enable the company to more consistently deliver […]

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Streetworks (Transport for London)

Streetworks is a community-led project funded by Transport for London (TfL) that works with local forums and other partners to improve the local area & build skills within their community. Parallel worked with a streetworks to develop a project management method children can follow. For this work we were a finalist in the APM Awards.

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Essex Cares

Francine Morgan, a project manager with Essex Cares, a company providing social care services to UK local authorities, recently completed the APMP distance learning programme & achieved a remarkable 90% pass rate – one of the highest scores ever achieved via any type of training programme for the prestigious APMP qualification.

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Turner & Townsend

Leading global programme management and construction consultancy Turner & Townsend embarked on a project management e-learning programme in 2012 to enable it's project management professionals to achieve internationally recognised status with (APM) qualifications.

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International Built Asset Consultancy invests in Project Management Development via a Distance Learning programme leading to the APM PMQ Qualification The leading international Built Asset Consultancy ARCADIS sees a real benefit for virtual APM PMQ training.

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Network Rail

In the wake of the independent 2011 McNulty report, which recommended how the rail industry could deliver a safe and efficient railway that represented value-for-money for both fare payers and taxpayers, a transformation has been taking place at Network Rail.

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As one of the world’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems providers IFS has a global client base with complex projects, involving implementations in several countries. The bespoke training programme developed for them by Parallel, therefore, focused specifically on the behaviours and competences needed to deliver complex international projects.

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Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL)

Science and technology-based research and development projects, like those carried out by Dstl, often have uncertain outcomes with intangible or obscure benefits. This meant that standard project management courses were largely irrelevant. Parallel, therefore, replaced and adapted courses previously in use at Dstl and introduced a variety of new bespoke...

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National Trust

The National Trust has complex and unique projects and wanted to improve their project management capabilities. Their existing project management framework was incorporated into the training programme devised by Parallel whilst also introducing external project management best-practises to develop a more professional approach to projects within...

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What people say... Testimonials

Great course provider and great trainer Tyrone, have learnt so much in 5 weeks!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review we will pass you feedback on to Tyrone
Highly recommended Parallel Project Training. Carmen is a fantastic trainer, she is able to guide you through the training in a friendly and welcome manner, she takes the qualification and puts it into bite size chunks to make it digestible over the 5 weeks. Thanks for all your help!
Response from the owner: Thank for the feedback i will let Carmen know
Would highly recommend using Parallel Project Training. They have supported me in my journey to achieving my APM PMQ.The presentations and podcasts that they provide are informative and easy to understand. Compared to other training providers they are also one of the cheapest around.
Response from the owner: Sam, it's been a pleasure supporting you with the PMQ. Well done for getting the qualification. I am sure it will help you in your career.
Excellent course and really well led by Tyrone. Great method of getting the key information across and really informative.
APM PMQA well run and thought through course. The online portal, with videos and learning material was a great benefit along side the teams sessions.Our trainer, Carmen, was very knowledgeable and helpful. She put time aside to help answer questions, review work of our allotted sessions which was really appreciated.A slight frustration for me was that the paper work didn't always match the slides we were looking at, and the study guide arrived after our first days learning. But overall a very well run course.Many thanks,Richard
Response from the owner: Richard I am please you enjoyed the course. And appreciate the time taken to provide feedback.We have changed the way we send out the slide deck so everything is now part of the e-learning. We also have someone dedicated to sending out books. Although inevitable a few get returned to us undelivered by royal mail.
Amazing course and highly recommended. Carmen was very knowledgeable and easy to understand in order to pass the APM PMQ exam.
Excellent training delivered by Paul Naybour; would recommend to anyone pursuing APM qualifications
Response from the owner: Thanks for the feedback
I can highly recommend Parallel Project training for the preparation of the APM certification. The trainer are highly skilled and take huge effort in working with each individual to prepare for the exam (Thank you Carmen for you huge support and going the extra mile!). Their online platform includes very helpful videos and their prep questions trains you well for the assessment criteria.Absolute worth it!
I complete the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification through online webinars and exam. The learning materials were high quality and delivery was very professional. The tutor was extremely well prepared and use analogies, case studies and real world examples to help make the course engaging.If you want to get an APM Fundamentals Certificate and your company uses the APM system for project management, then this course is a good introduction. However, the content is largely about the APM words for different aspects of project management and you are tested, not on your PM skill, but your ability to remember a specific set of terminology. This led to a lot of "teaching to exam" rather than developing any skills. This course lacks depth and does not develop Project Management skills.
Response from the owner: Ben I am please you enjoyed the couse. You are correct the APM Fundementals Qualification to quote the APM is "fundamental awareness of project management terminology giving you the knowledge to make a positive contribution to any project". PM skills are introduced as you work higher up the APM ladder. Applications and skills come in towards the APM PMQ and PPQ level.
I completed the APM qualification 5 days over 5 weeks and I found this to be better way due to work commitments etc. Our trainer Carmen was very knowledgeable and I found the first 4 days of the course very beneficial. Unfortunately the final day which was used for revision didn't suit my learning style and I came away feeling more unprepared. Instead of going over all the content we have already learnt and answering any questions we just kept going over 'possible' questions and answers which really didn't work for me. I also found the exam questions to be very different to the ones we have spent time on practicing, so again seemed like a waste.
Response from the owner: Chris, we are pleased you like the course but not the exam and exam prep. I have discussed it with Carman and we have changed what we do on the exam prep. We are not going over all the content in a day, that would be scary, but we will focus on helping people identify the knowlege gaps. We base of sample questions on the sylibus assessment critera, but we don't see the actual questions in the exam, so they may differ slightly. If they were very different from the assessment criteria let us know and we will raise it with the APM.
Attended the APM PFQ training & certification - One of the best trainings I have been in, the instructor (Jan Underdown) was very knowledgeable on the subjects due to her immense real-life experience in project management, very articulate and took time to ensure everyone understood the concepts.
Parallel Project Training provide a well-structured course, enabling an in depth understanding of project management methodologies, structures and challenges to overcome. The tutor (Jan Underdown) balanced the course well and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The online service is exceptional!
Would highly recommend this course. Very well led, Jan skill fully balanced the breadth of syllabus in a pace that was manageable for the 5 week course.
Brilliant. Great support and presented very well
Response from the owner: Thanks for the feedback
The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) course was very chaotic to say the least. The training provider spent way too much time making kitchen analogy to illustrate structural breakdown and then ended up rushing through the rest of the course and I feel like she missed important bits that we were asked about in the exam.
Response from the owner: I am sorry the course didn’t meet you expectations. You feedback about the course covering all the exam is not uncommon. I checked this with the APM. The exam includes distractor (wrong) answers, which are not covered in the course. So for example a question which of the following is a team development model might include 1) Tuckman 2) Porter 3) Maslow or 4) Delphi. Porter is not in the syllabus so can cause confusion.I spoke to your trainer about the Kitchen work breakdown structure; she has taken on your feedback and will reduce the time spent on this example.
Took the virtual APM PMQ 6-week course with Paul Naybour. The course was conveniently timed to fit around the day job. Paul is hugely knowledgeable and supportive, teaching both PM principles and exam technique. Highly recommend to others with or without previous project management experience.
Response from the owner: Thanks, Rebecca; good luck with the exam.
Fantastic quality training by excellent tutors. Highly recommended.
Response from the owner: Jon it has been a pleasure working with you over the past several weeks. Good luck in the exam.
Parallel training is an exemplary company, from the customer service, to the study material, and the course itself.Fully recommend, thank you Michelle and Paul.
I heartily recommend Parallel's APM PMQ 8 week virtual course. Its not an easy exam, however the tutors at Parallel ensure you have the knowledge and tips to pass. The tips and advice on how to pass the exam were invaluable and compliment the online lessons, text books, podcasts and homework.
I've done the self study course for the APM PMQ certification. The study guide from parallel was pretty comprehensive and sample exam questions and answers really help in rounding out the full understanding of the exam. They also provide podcasts and video lessons.And they mark your sample answers on their online platform.I've had 2 webinars with Paul and he was really helpful at explaining how to answer the exam questions and great at running the webinars (quite funny too). In the end I passed my PMQ and would recommend this provider. But to anyone doing the course it is quite difficult if you do it as self study. I would definitely advise to go for a tutor led course if possible.
Excellent service provided. The trainers are qualified and well informed. I would recommend.
Very Professional and supportive organisation - coached me through my ChPP and I passed!
Very professional and thorough preparation given to me as part of a successful ChPP application process to the APM. Thank you for the support and guidance in the overall process.
I took an APM PMQ course through Parallel in the past few weeks and I was very happy about the quality of the training material (varied and suitable for all kinds of learning. There were videos, podcasts, printed material). I was especially impressed by the ability of the instructor, she was engaging, organized and super efficient, which helped me as well with my mental organization for the exam.Highly recommended!
Paul Naybour is an amazing tutor and explained the concepts very well and given continued support through out the course duration. The 6 week course of APM PMQ helped quite alot to manage office work, personal life balance and course study. The weekly assignments through out the course study helped to understand the contents much better. Thank you so much for all your help.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the feedback. How was the exam?
I have just completed the PMQ qualification over 10 weeks. I found studying using this format really beneficial as it gave more time to really understand the content and prepare for the exam. I would recommend Parallel Training to anyone who is looking for a training provider to study the APM qualifications with.
Response from the owner: Ben, thank you for such a positive review. We’re glad you enjoyed the course, and will pass on your comments to Michelle! See you again soon.
The training was fantastic but the mock up didn't help at all.The exam questions are way more difficult.I completely disagree with the statement on the APM page: "No prior knowledge or experience is required for this qualification".
Response from the owner: Deborah, thank you for your review, we're glad you found the training helpful. The mock exam is a useful revision tool for the end of the first day, and we do use the Official APM Sample Paper. We have had feedback before that it is easier than the actual exam questions, but we are using it as a revision tool more than anything.We follow the APM guidance on the recommended prior experience needed, and will pass your feedback onto them. The PFQ is a challenging qualification and none of the APM exams are trivial, however we do experience very high pass rates and the vast majority of people do pass the PFQ exam.Thank you for your comments, we have taken your feedback on board.
Good training service offered for professionals. Would 100% recommend.
Response from the owner: Thank for the feedback. We are pleased to liked the course.
Great packages available and very well ran with lots of useful feedback throughout. Highly recommended and yes I'll be back for more :)
I'm always sceptical about online reviews of companies but the reviews for Parallel Project Training convinced me to opt for them and I'm very glad I did. The course trainer, Michelle Greaves, was excellent and delivered the online course extremely well. I did the PMQ spread over three weeks to give myself more time to absorb the information. It was well paced, clearly communicated and she used real world examples to help you understand the concepts you were learning. She made the sessions very inclusive in a way that enabled her to check our understanding and to pick up any areas we needed to focus on. From the beginning of the course she guided us in terms of exam technique and how we needed to answer questions which was very helpful for someone who's not taken an exam in over 20 years! The speed with which she turned around our practice assignments was impressive and her feedback really helped with understanding what needed improvement. I'd definitely recommend the company and, in particular, choosing a course delivered by Michelle!
Thanks John for all the support and training provided, I am pleased to comment the delivery method was excellent and all via on-line. I appreciated the fast turnaround of feedback, coaching and support provided throughout the process. I would strongly recommend this to others.
Great course, provided in a professional and easy to navigate platform with forums to ask questions and feedback.
Parallel Project training were employed by my employer to support me through the ChPP application. Great support through what could have been a challenging and complex process. All carried out virtually which saved a lot of travel time.
Achieved by ChPP accrediation first time...with excellent support from PPT. Thanks
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