The style of delivery and pace were excellent. The clearly explaioned terminology and slides supporting the presentation were very useful and aided my learning.

Tracy Norton

Very happy & inspired.

Amy Winter

Fabulous trainer who assessed the needs of individuals and used a veriety of methods to ensure all individual participated well.

Lesley Meech

Excellent trainer. Excellent course material. Great pace, good mix of techniques - loved it!

Paula Mansell

The course overall was interactive and broken down into sections. The trainer delivered the sessions really well and is very knowledgable. She gave us activities to do with the froups and this was engaging with the team.

Shamaila Baig

Variety of techniques, interactive and good pace.

Fiona Goodall

Variety of activities to facilitate learning. Good pace. Opportunity to reflect on learning and check understanding.


Interactive session, nice small group, good learning material.


Best course I have been on.


Very well explained, pace was very good too.


Learnt a lot from the trainer and the course was very engaging. I feel more confident in passing the exam now.


Adrian used a variety of methods to teach us -videos, flip chart, exercises, scenarios, group tasks, presenation.


The presenation and the materials meant it wasn't death by Powerpoint. Delivered clearly and included activities, videos, discussions etc.


Good study guide - clear, well written with case studies.
Excellent trainer - Motivating, interesting, upbeat, gave people time to ask questions and feel comfortable doing so.
Good pace of the course, right amount of material covered and at the right level.


Adrian uses his extensive and varied experience of project management to give great and clear examples which everyone can understand. Very good pace and easy to follow.


Very interactive and small numbers so better relationship with everyone.


Probably the best trainer I have ever experienced! Very usefull, very professional, focused on the key point! 10 out of 10!!! Thank you.


Adrian was enthusiastic, knowledgeable & made the content accessible and entertaining.


Adrian is an outstanding instructor, all content relevant & applicable. An outstanding week.


Small numbers …….. Adrian is extremely patient & delivers the course in a very enjoyable and interactive way. Time flew this week & I really feel my depth of understanding has grown hugely thanks to his training style.


I'm just writing to let you know that I passed the exam with 70% which I'm very happy about. I've worked in construction project offices, on large projects, for many years and i'ts really great to have this qualification. I just want to thank you for the excellent training that you and Parallel Projects provided across the miles, you made it feel quite possible to access the course and pass.

Maureen Connelly

Hong Kong

I would personally like to thank Adrian Wilson for his exemplary course delivery last week. I have been on many many training courses throughout my career and his style, professionalism and management of the class to get us through the relevant material and exam was second to none. I enjoyed the course immensely, and even though I have not received my exam results I appreciate that everything possible was done to allow me the best chance to pass. Thanks to Adrian for a truly enjoyable week of APM PMQ from Parallel and to you for guiding me on this course in the first place, it has been one of the most rewarding learning experiences I have had for a long time.

Emily Price

Course ran in a relaxed and considered environment. Good mixture of characters and professions. Excellent venue. Topics covered at good pace. Instructor Adrian showed excellent depth in his knowledge with easy to understand practice examples. I will personally recommend course, venue and instructor.

Karl Wellburn

Adrian was adept at keeping us on time and we covered the material as promised – he is skilled at managing delegates and has a clear and professional delivery style making complicated concepts easy to understand. I enjoyed the re-cap sessions in the morning as this helped refresh our knowledge. Thanks also go to Adrian for marking our practice exams and questions – feedback was very helpful. The audio podcasts and study guide were superb – I enjoyed John & Paul’s conversations and debates on my drive to work! I wish I’d done more pre-work but the audio cd’s were really good to get familiar with the material ahead of the course. Thanks also to Jane (forgiven for the mis-spelling) in the office – she was ace at sorting things out.

Jenny Austin

Forestry Commission
Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been training with your organisation. I read the book, listened to the podcasts and the e-learning as well as last week with John and the whole experience has been a great balance of learning and preparing for the exam. I heard your iconic laugh at Portland house on Friday as I was walking past the room you were in and seriously thought I had listened to the pod casts so much I was hearing things – until John clarified that you were indeed in the building! Now I just have to wait for the results.


British Safety Council

Just wanted to provide some feedback regarding "Your Journey to Professional Project Management: How to pass the APMP Exam Book". I am pleased to say that today I received my successful exam results. The BoK does not come near to the requirements to pass the exam so thanks to John & Paul for this publication and the very useful podcasts. After all my searching including the APM site, this has got to one of the best resources I have used to pass a professional exam.

Paul Harding

I had a fantastic, refreshing experience with Parallel Project Training. They supported me and developed me as an individual both before and after the courses. Especially beneficial was the one-to-one coaching to help me gain the tough APM PQ qualification. I can now apply reasoned solutions to client projects to help resolve issues more readily. The Parallel trainers were very knowledgeable and supportive and they helped identify my personal strengths and gaps in my knowledge. In client situations like the Q-Log consultancy there is a requirement to continually justify decisions that are taken on projects. The formal APM methodology now enables me to do this with ease. Whilst attending an APMP training course with a different provider, I knew that I would need more help with revision for the exam than just the course notes I was given. I found the Parallel Training 'How to Pass the APMP' book on the internet and purchased it easily from their website. The book content was extremely concise and easy to understand, with quick quizzes to see where more revision was needed and example exam questions, which I found particularly useful. Parallel Training could not have been more helpful. Having made sure I received the book immediately, they then offered on-line help and support; from the answers to the quick quizzes to offering feedback to any questions asked on their forum. Found out I passed APMP exam, thanks to @parallelproject study guide - bargain! (self study is quite stressful though) #pmot #apm @ethicalgirl I have taken my APMP exam at the open centre this afternoon. I used your book and the podcast as primary study material. I won’t know my APMP results for the next 10 weeks but this study material has definitely provided me with a good understanding of the PM topics. Thank you very much for the good work you guys are doing!! Keep it up...


Once again thank you for a great week and also for designing the parallel training method, I used the study guide, web units together and listened to the pod casts while driving around; I feel this was a massive influence for passing the APMP and provided a great deal of enjoyment and understanding while learning and studying.

Matt Weingarth

I recently passed the the APMP exam which I took in May. I used your book on the subject as my primary reference. It was really useful and easy to use and the combination with the podcasts was very helpful. I would definitely recommended it for people who are not taking a formal course. Well done.

Alan Spong

I enjoyed the content, I liked the small groups and the associated benefits of those, I can make direct links to work related scenarios. Very good course material, Good balance between theory and practical examples. Open forum rather than sitting and listening. Pre-course training in the form of podcasts, web based and study guide were fantastic. Relaxed environment in training course, good feedback and very knowledgeable trainer. Venue was excellent. Case study in study guide was a big help. I just wanted to thank you for the Podcasts you have on I Tunes. I recently left the Forces after 22 years and attended an APMP course as part of my resettlement. I downloaded your podcasts and listened to the each evening and when commuting. Thanks to them I passed my APMP. Thanks again.

Mark McDonnell

I prepared for the APMP exam earlier this year using Parallel Project Training ‘How to pass APMP exam’ publication. And I’ve passed my exam with a very good score of 70%! It’s a great book and very easy to use and associate with the real life situations.

Elena Poletayeva

Overall excellent, enjoyable, well structured, good learning techniques, clear concise, helpful and fun. Excellent tuition, very well structured and very supportive. I downloaded the APMP podcasts with low expectations. How surprised I was to discover a great wealth of information and guidance that brings project and programme management to life.... Paul's style and laughter was even more of a bonus!!

Kevin Cole

Once again thank you for a great week and also for designing the parallel training method, I used the study guide, web units together and listened to the pod casts while driving around; I feel this was a massive influence for passing the APMP and provided a great deal of enjoyment and understanding while learning and studying.

Matt Weingarth