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APM Project Fundamentals Qualification
You’ll need…
Track Record
Track Record

of delivering projects, programmes, portfolios etc


of current project methods and practices

Actively Involved
Actively Involved

in the project management profession

You’ll gain…
Gain a broad understanding of project management.

Stand out in the job market with an enhanced CV

Learn the principles of project management.

Increased understanding to help you work more effectively

No prior knowledge or experience is required.

Assurance for clients of high standards and ethical practice

What is Chartered Project Professional (ChPP)?

APM ChPP is the ‘gold standard’ for project management worldwide. It is intended for those who wish to demonstrate their competent leadership and an ability to successfully manage highly complex projects, programmes and portfolios. For project professionals, achieving ChPP is the pinnacle of the career.

As part of the application you are required to show Advanced Technical Knowledge and Understanding and Professional Practice of 7 mandatory competencies and 5 from the list of elective competencies. It is expected that candidates at this level may have had some form of formal project management training to a level of IPMA Level D, APM-PMQ, PMI PMP, Prince 2 or similar.

To achieve ChPP you will need to show you are competent against a number of competencies, adopt an ethical approach and have the requisite professional practice to draw on. To help you along this, Parallel have created a self-paced eLearning course to help you navigate Route 3 of the application.

Downloadable Content

What are my study options?

Depending on who you are, whether you are an individual looking for support, or a company with a number of employees to put through, we have different study options.

For individuals we offer a self-paced distance learning course. This course will guide you through the application process, and give you all of the information and understanding of what the APM are looking for, and hints and tips to help you through the application process and interviews. This coaching course gives you a number of resources to use. These are designed to be used in conjunction with each other to give you a comprehensive learning experience;

  • A series of eLearning videos. This series is led by a current Chartered Project Professional, with experience of guiding hundreds of individuals through the ChPP process. These videos cover a range of topics; an introduction to ChPP concepts, CPD and ethics, a review of technical knowledge and professional practice, instruction on writing project overviews and professional practice statements, and finally interview technique.
  • A hard copy of our APM ChPP study guide. This study guide takes you through the whole ChPP process. It also covers each of the technical knowledge and professional practice areas in detail.
  • A series of podcasts. In over 20 podcasts our project management experts discuss in detail each of the technical knowledge areas, and lay out in detail the ins and outs of what you will need to know to pass the ChPP standard.

For corporate groups, we offer a comprehensive programme of webinars, application reviews and interview coaching. Please look further down the page for what is available for corporate groups.

What does the ChPP coaching cover?

The course will focus on the application process, and the requirements of it. These are contained in the APM application guidance, but regularly need to be enhanced and illustrated and this course is intended to do that.

Our Chartered Project Professional coaching programme is broken into 6 key syllabus areas

Module 1. Introduction to ChPP concepts

In this module we introduce you to the application process. We give you a study plan to take you through start to finish and give you a template to complete the submission. We also start to talk about some of the basic concepts – application routes, technical knowledge, professional practice, CPD, ethics, interviews and more.

Module 2. Continuous Personal Development and Ethics

In this module we look into the requirements for CPD in your application. This may be more or less relevant for you depending on your application route, but there is always a requirement to maintain a CPD log when you receive Chartered status. Being a Chartered Professional means behaving in an ethical manner, and we will look at the commitment to ethics that you must make to become chartered.

Module 3. Technical Knowledge and Professional Practice

As part of your ChPP application you will need to be able to display your technical knowledge and your professional practice. This means showing that you have knowledge of the underlying processes and theories, whilst also relying on your experience of running projects to display your ability to put these into practice. The Professional Practice and Technical Knowledge areas to be demonstrated include 9 mandatory competences plus a further 1 from 2, making 10 in total. You can find all of these in the table below. This module will introduce you to the both of these areas and discuss what you will need to display in both.

Module 4. Writing Your Project Overviews

Your project overviews will form the basis of your written submission for the APM Chartered Project Professional (ChPP). It is therefore very important that they are well thought out, relevant and display the competencies that you intend to focus on later in the submission. In this module we will help guide you through choosing which project to write up and give you guidance on what to and not to include.

Module 5. Writing your Professional Practice Statements

This is where you display the competencies that are required to complete your chartership. Writing your professional practice statements is probably the most challenging part of the application, as you need to tick a lot of boxes in not a lot of words. In this module we take an in depth look into how to write your statements.

Module 6. Interview Techniques

Following successful completion of your written application you will be invited to attend an interview with two APM assessors. As with any interview it is vitally important that you prepare well for the ChPP assessment. We have a wealth of experience with preparing delegates for the interview, and in this module we will do just that, looking at what the assessors might ask and how to answer and handle yourself.

Mandatory Competencies Elective Competencies
Budgetting and cost control OR Financial managementl Assurance
Change Control
Conflict Managament
Benefits Management
Governance Arrangements
Business Case
Integrated planning
Schedule Management
Capability Management
Team Management
Contract Management
Risk and IssueDiversity and Inclusion
Stakeholder engagement and communication managementLifecycles
Portfolio shaping
Quality Management
Requirements Management
Resource Capacity Planning
Resource Management
Solutions Development
Transition Management

What does a corporate training programme look like?

Initial 1/2 Day Workshop
Follow on coaching
1/2 Day Interview Preparation

We currently run a three phase ChPP webinar coaching programme with a number of our existing clients. We have a proven track record of delivering this coaching programme to help cohorts of delegates through the APM ChPP application process. These cohorts can be based anywhere in the UK as the training is delivered online.

The ChPP application requires over 40 hours of work per application for the delegates. This can be a big added burden on day to day workloads, but we have designed this programme to help delegates complete their applications alongside their day to day project roles. We suggest cohorts of delegates being working with us on their applications 3 months before their ChPP submission date.

To enquire about running an in-house Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) coaching programme, please use the contact us page, call us on 0118 321 5030 or email withyoualltheway@parallelprojecttraining.com

How is the ChPP assessed?

The assessment is in two parts, the first a written application and the second an interview. Depending on the route, there are different demands. All three routes require your professional practice to be current and if not a professionally active statement is required.

Route 1 requires a professional practice written application and a one-hour interview focussed on it.

Route 2 requires a short-written application and a 30-minute interview

Route 3 requires a professional practice written application and a two-hour interview focussed on it and your technical knowledge.


Despite the help the APM provide, we find that most delegates will benefit greatly from some level of support through the application process.

We have remarkable success supporting delegates through both route 1 and route 3, most find it surprising how tricky the application can be.

John Bolton – Director of Programmes, Parallel

Sample ChPP Lecture

This course includes a series of short bite-size presentations by the authors of the study guide (John Bolton and Paul Naybour) on the course contents. They cover various areas of the ChPP application process, and this particular sample lecture is an introduction to the concepts of technical knowledge and professional practice. Other videos lectures look at;

  1. An introduction to the basic concepts and themes in the Chartered Project Professional application process.
  2. An overview of the requirements for Continuing Professional Development and Ethics in your ChPP application
  3. An in depth look into how to write your project overviews
  4. A look into how to write your 500 word professional practice statements.
  5. A complete look at the interview stage of the application process, including likely questions and techniques.
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