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project manager discussing progress with team

Explain 5 Benefits of a Project Lifecycle

7th July 2022

Five Benefits of a Project  lifecycle are: It provides a structure for project delivery. It improves communication between team members. […]

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quality management procurement process

Describe the four main components of a quality management process

4th July 2022

In the APM Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ) the answer to this question might be:   Project Quality Management is the […]

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apm pmq exam questions

How to answer APM PMQ exam questions the secret tips.

17th February 2021

February 2021 Update for the exam based on the 7th Edition of the Body of Knowledge. Whilst these principles still […]

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benefits of programme management

List and describe five benefits of programme management

14th November 2020

Five benefits of Programme Management are: Achieving the overall strategic goals of an organization. Improve management of projects interdependencies and […]

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managing changes to business case and project scope

Explain What Is Meant By The Term ‘Project Context’

3rd February 2020

Here is a good example answer of what is expected for this APM PMQ Exam question – updated 19th January […]

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Procurement Strategy: Practice Question

3rd June 2019

Within a procurement strategy, explain: build/buy decision, single/integrated/multiple suppliers, selection, conditions and form of contract, pricing and reimbursement. 1) build/buy […]

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Exam Stress

Stressed About My APM PMQ Exam!

23rd May 2019

This is quite a common comment from exam stressed students Got my exam tomorrow and feeling unprepared despite doing revision […]

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communication - an important aspect for benefits management

Feedback please – responsibilities of a project manager

21st May 2019

Here is a sample answer for the exam question “List and Describe 5 typical responsibilities of a project manager“. Remember […]

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5 key benefits of using a programme management approach

5th March 2019

Five key benefits of using a programme management approach: Programme management allows businesses to have multiple projects running simultaneously. This […]

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Describe 5 roles associated with a project and responsibilities

24th February 2019

Hi, I haven’t started the course yet, but have done all the pre-reading and starting to put together exam answers […]

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