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Describe 5 roles associated with a project and responsibilities

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 24th February 2019

I haven’t started the course yet, but have done all the pre-reading and starting to put together exam answers based on what I have learnt so far. I haven’t been timing myself as of yet.

Feedback appreciated on the below answer.

Describe 5 roles associated with a project and explain their main responsibilities:

THe sponsor is the clinet to the project manager. They identify the need for a project to take place and provide funding and authority. For example, within Network Rail the sponsor may be a route asset manager who ‘owns’ level crossings. They may decide to close one and task a project manager to do this.

The project manager is responsible for bringing together all the resources needed to ensure a project happens. They will manage the project ream, the suppliers and contractors. In order for the project to be a success they need to adequarely plan resources, key milestones, manage risk, continually undertake reviews and deliver on budget and on time. Their aim is to complete the project within the time, cost and scope baselines defined in the project managment plan.

The project team are managed by the project manager. They assist the project manager in delivering the project by providing admin and support. They help ensure procedures are correctly followed and maintain relevant documents. The own the work packages in the project as defined by the WBS. They are accountable for these work pacakages within time, cost nd quality criteria”

The suppliers are those who provide services or products to get the project done. For a construction project a supplier may provide equipment needed to clear vegetation from a track as well as workers to operate the equipment. They are paid and managed by the project manager. As with the team mebers they are alos taksed to complete a work package (or contract) within the time, quality and cost constraints set out in the contract

The users are those who benefit from the completion of the project. They will use the product or service. They will have had a say in the design of the project and provide feedback on the use of it. For example, new residents may have provided specificiations for the planning of a new housing estate they will eventually live on.

  1. Paul says:

    Again a good start but you need to provider more detail to get the marks. I have added more content in italics.

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